Three out of four musicians that were active in 2019 have experienced a reduction of your activity of more than 90 percent. One in three do not have any concerted or contracted concert for the remainder of the year, according to a study by the Union of Professional Musicians.

The situation does not improve for the beginning of 2021, since the vast majority of those surveyed, 75 percent, do not currently have no concert in anticipation for the first half of next year.

The study points out that not even two out of ten musicians have been able to benefit from the special measures approved by the Government. Measures such as extraordinary unemployment for artists or cessation of activity for freelancers, something that they attribute to “Lack of organization and normative regulation of the profession in recent decades” and the existence of front companies for hiring.

To reach these results, the Union of Professional Musicians has asked almost a thousand users in the country, of which around 70 percent have suffered a wave of cancellations in what is usually the strongest time of the activity, which goes from March to September.

Once the confinement restrictions have been lifted and the holding of cultural events is legal, under compliance with the relevant security measures, a quarter continued without performing any concert and almost two-thirds only did one to ten concerts.

This means that a third of those surveyed hardly worked during the summer and that half of them saw their activity drop to 50 percent or more.