Could Prince Philip have stopped the Megxit?

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An expert believes Prince Philip could have saved Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan from the Megxit.

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6. November

Could Prince Philip, 99, have convinced his grandson Prince Harry, 36, and his wife, Duchess Meghan, 39, not to go through with the Megxit? Royal expert Ingrid Seward is certain of this, but only under one condition. “If Prince Philip had been younger, he would have had a greater influence,” Seward told Fox News. “He would have told Harry to Harry, ‘Are you sure you know what you are doing? Do you know what you are giving up?'” The 99-year-old should now be unable to see or hear well.

The author of the new biography “Prince Philip Revealed” is convinced that the Duke sees the step of his grandson and his wife to step down from their office as senior royals as “very harmful to the monarchy”. The relationship between grandfather and grandson is said to have suffered serious damage with the Megxit. Seward says Prince Philip was “incomprehensible” why Prince Harry wanted to leave the royal family. “The behavior of his grandson is completely alien to him, so the relationship naturally suffered,” says Ingrid Seward.

4. November

Prince William reacts to a flirtation between Kate and Jack Whitehall

Is Prince William, 38, jealous? Comedian Jack Whitehall, 32, recalls a situation that happened at an event in 2014. The comedian moderated the “Royal Variety Performance”, at which the duke couple sat in the audience. Jack mentioned at the time that he had attended Marlborough College just like Duchess Catherine, 38, albeit a few classes below her. “I don’t know if it is currently appropriate, but you were probably my very first crush,” he confessed to the then pregnant Duchess according to “Express”.

The British comedian Jack Whitehall knows Duchess Catherine from school.

At a personal meeting following the show, Prince William confronted the comedian. “And then William came over and he was very funny,” Jack recalls on The Jonathan Ross Show today. “Because he was very nice, but very passive-aggressive: ‘Oh, so you flirted with my wife. Oh no, that was very, very funny,'” Whitehall recreates the situation. “It was like saying, ‘I could have you beheaded for it,'” he jokes.

3. November

Have Duchess Catherine and the children contracted the corona virus?

This secrecy is causing uncertainty among British Royal fans. Prince William, 38, is said to have contracted Corona in April. Until this week, the infection, from which he appears to have recovered well, remained a secret. The diagnosis of the future heir to the throne was made after his father, Prince Charles, 71, had already tested positive for Covid-19, as the “Sun” reports.

Now the good news: Duchess Catherine, 38, and their children Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, apparently did not become infected at that critical point in time. The family was at their Amner Hall estate during the initial lockdown, and William was said to have followed recommended guidelines for self-isolation to protect his family.

2. November

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrate milestone together

On November 20, Queen Elizabeth, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, will celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary – a milestone the couple will actually spend together this year. They couldn’t be together last year, this is different this year. The 94-year-old had visited her husband in Sandringham at the weekend, and now they have returned to Windsor Castle in London, a Royal Insider confirmed to People. The two are getting ready for the second UK lockdown – public life will be shut down to a minimum from Thursday. It is not known how the year will continue for the Royals. Due to the corona pandemic, no plans can and will not be made and made public.

Source used: People, Hello, The Sun

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Endspurt der Schnäppchenjagd

Nach dem Black Friday und dem Schnäppchenwochenende folgt schließlich das große Finale, der Cyber Monday 2020. Noch einmal heißt es: Augen auf und High-Offers abgreifen! Sie...

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