“I need blood. Any group. I wouldn’t want to do that! I wouldn’t have written anything to you about the situation I’m going through, but I’m going to have surgery to remove a kidney. I was diagnosed with cancer. Such an operation is highly consuming of blood, and this period is one of great deficiency in blood reserves. The medical staff asked me to find at least one donor to make this humanitarian gesture.

Anyone who wants to do this will have to specify that they are donating to me and Carol Davilla Hospital.

Donation can be made to the Transfusion Center near Calea Victoriei. Words of thanks will not be enough to express my gratitude. I’m already hospitalized, and I’ll be operated on on Monday.

And there are many like me who need it. I have A2 “, the actor specified on the socialization page.

Some time ago, Constantin Zamfirescu made unknown and unsuspected revelations about his health. It seems that it can use only half of its brain capacity, following a stroke suffered in childhood.

Constantin Zamfirescu then spoke about how this unpleasant incident had a negative impact on his childhood, but also on his adult life.7

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