Cosquín Folklore Festival 2021: they confirm that it will be done with the public and on the scheduled date

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Although the official approval is still awaited, everything is given so that the traditional one is carried out, although in the Plaza Próspero Molina with reduced capacity.

This Friday it was confirmed that the 2021 edition of the traditional Cosquín Festival It will be held almost normally, taking into account the presence of the public in the folkloric Plaza Próspero Molina. It was confirmed by the mayor of the city, Gabriel Musso, implying that it will also be done on the scheduled date.

Of course, taking into account the restrictions of the pandemic, “capacity will be reduced” in order to comply with all protocol requirements that guarantee the social distancing.

“We are very excited. Our intention would be to reach a 50% public; We know that between 40 and 70% were spoken in open places, but we are going to wait for the decisions to be made at the sanitary level, “Musso announced in dialogue with Chain 3, despite warning that still approval is awaited from the authorities at the national level.

“We must wait for the corresponding consent, but we believe that this will happen,” the mayor hoped, coinciding with what was spoken at the meeting between authorities, producers, the Musicians Union and other entities involved in the traditional move.

The scheduled date for or what will be the 61st edition of the National Folklore Festival it is between January 23 and 31 next year, a move that, every summer, brings juicy income to neighbors and businesses in the district of Valle de Punilla.

The optimism is such that they are already talking about summoning numbers such as Jorge Rojas, Abel Pintos and Soledad, among others, with whom, apparently, contacts were initiated to schedule the Cosquín dates. Likewise, in the next few days the programming secretariat would provide more details.

However, not all of this is good news around La Próspero Molina. Added to the official announcement of these last hours is the confirmation that the contest for new PreCosquín values ​​will not be held as usual.

According to a communiqué from the Municipal Folklore Commission of Cosquín, in a virtual meeting with the representatives of the venues from all over the country, “the joint decision of don’t carry on the next edition of Contest for New Pre Cosquín Values in the usual way, due to the pandemic framework that we are going through and the conditions that this context implies “.

However, they clarified that work is being done to see the possibility of holding, in the month of January, “an instance that allows us to commemorate the 50th edition of the Most important competition in the country“.

Without giving more details, the statement rounded off saying that “the information will be released in due course in accordance with the approval of the sanitary protocols and the authorization that allows us to define the modality of this proposal.”

In August, the Cosquín Rock Festival Online It was the first mega-concert that served as the starting point for the current cataract of live recitals transmitted via streaming. Known the news of the folk festival, it transpired that there are theater producers “pending” of what the province of Córdoba dictates for Carlos Paz’s theater season. Apparently, the open-air shows, with limited capacity, could get to work, but it is not something that is still known for sure.



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