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From Monday, entry into Slovakia will only be possible with a fresh negative corona virus test, confirmed Slovak Foreign Secretary Martin Klus. Entry is subject to random checks.

In view of the deteriorating epidemic situation in the Czech Republic, the Bratislava government has been openly considering for some time whether to close the country’s borders or introduce mandatory screening at border crossings. The Bratislava press makes it likely that cross-border screening could be introduced next week at the earliest, when health capacities tied to national testing will be released.

In Slovakia, a nationwide coronavirus screening was held at the end of the week, with more than three million people sampled using an antigen test. The exact results of the screening and participation data are scheduled to be released on Monday.

National coronavirus screening is repeated on Saturday and Sunday. It has not yet been decided whether this screening will be complete again or whether it will only affect certain regions of the country. Partial data published by the army conducting the screenings show that the rate of infections is higher in the northern regions of the country than in the southern regions, where Hungarians also live.

For the time being, only the results of the national screenings that took place over the weekend are known. On Saturday, about 2.5 million people appeared at the screenings, 25,850 of whom were diagnosed with coronavirus infection. This means that one percent of the Slovak population is infected with the new coronavirus.

Participation in the screenings was voluntary, affecting citizens between the ages of 10 and 65. For those with a negative test, the curfew has been lifted since Monday and runs until November 8th. Employers can request a negative test result from their employees from Monday. Those who do not have this cannot enter work and must be quarantined.

Head of State Zuzana Caputová and Prime Minister Igor Matovic also rated the weekend’s national coronavirus screening as successful. Both thanked the army and local governments for the successful conduct of the unprecedented nationwide action. Igor Matovic thanked Hungary in particular for helping with the tests in Slovakia with about 200 doctors.

(Cover image: Slovak police officer checks the documents of a car at the border crossing between Somoskőújfalu and Sátorosbánya on March 13, 2020. Photo: Péter Komka / MTI)



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