Coronavirus: With freedoms curtailed, Britain lifts its lockdown on December 2

Johnson announced that he is working to help people celebrate Christmas. But each family must think wisely how to meet again.

Britain will lift your lockdown next December 2 and people will be able to leave their homes. It was announced Monday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, from his isolation on Downing St, to the House of Commons. He explained that a new system of Tiers or restrictions by area, will allow the opening of shops, gyms, hairdressers throughout England. Sports abroad can be resumed. Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are handled by other rules.

But there won’t be a freedom for all because the virus circulates and can come back. If the restrictive measures or Tiers were not enough to lower the virus in certain areas, the measures will have to be tougher.

In Tier 1, people are going to have to work from home. In Tier 2, pubs and restaurants may only serve alcohol with a meal. In Tiers 3, indoor and hotel entertainment will be closed and restaurants and pubs will only be able to serve take aways and drinks.

On Thursday it will be known to which regions each status responds. The rule of six for outside matches holds. The Tiers or zones in which the country is divided, according to a status of 1 to 3, has been modified. Pubs and restaurants may reopen in Tier 1 and 2 but will continue with take away service in Tier 3.

Throughout England, non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers and gyms will be reopened, as well as temples and outdoor sports venues. Restaurants and pubs must close at 11pm.

For outdoor sporting events they can receive up to 4000 people in Tier 2, 50 percent of their usual capacity. In Tier 2 up to 2000 people, 50 percent of its capacity. For indoor events, the capacity limit is 1000 people. Places of worship will be open and weddings will be allowed.

Johnson announced that his administration is working to get people together for Christmas. But each family must think wisely how to meet the elderly, without putting them at risk.

Staying at home will end next Wednesday, after a month of strong national instructions, although the pandemic continues.

A 56-page plan was announced by the prime minister in the House of Commons, dubbed the Covid Winter Plan. The lockdown or confinement will be replaced by a new version of Tiers or restrictions to “get us safely into spring.”

On the day that Oxford University and AstraZeneca presented the Covid vaccine to regulators, the prime minister congratulated that “scientific cavalry is on the way.”

“For the spring these advances reduce the need for the restrictions that we have had in 2020 and the concept of ‘lockdown’ Covid will be redundant” said Boris. For the first time there is a way out for the visible Covid.

“When the vaccine is approved, it is going to be delivered quickly.” ad. But he also proposed a mass testing of the population. The government has ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine and 350 million doses in total, which is enough for everyone in Britain and for Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

Boris said his plan is “to get to the European spring,” when the government believes that scientists will beat the virus. “We have turned the corner and an escape route is in sight,” he described.

Sir Keir Starmer, the opposition leader, supported the vaccine project but warned that “the Tiers system is risky and has not worked.” At his discretion he maintains closed areas and the numbers of those infected do not decrease. He asked if there would be an economic aid package for the Tier 3 inmates.

Regarding the tests, Sir Keir said they could not drop below 80 percent of the population and it has not happened so far. Labor would like to be able to support the government’s plan but will study it carefully.

The interpellation of the prime minister was interrupted because the digital connection that united them fell.


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