Coronavirus: this is how the world is preparing for vaccination

The European Union Pfizer / BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine may well approve as early as December 23. The particular European Medicines Agency, which will stand for the pharmacovigilance authority, will select the marketing of the vaccine within a extraordinary meeting on Monday, Dec 21. The President of the Eu Commission recently called on Participant States to speed up their structure preparations for the introduction of vaccines to start vaccination campaigns as soon as possible also to ensure vaccination capacity. Ursula vonseiten der Leyen also said the particular EU commission’s contracts with shot manufacturers were enough to make a great deal more doses available than necessary within the EU. Enough vaccine will be available in order to vaccinate about 700-750 million men and women, he said.

Romania is ready to acquire, store and distribute vaccines from the coronavirus, after the first ten thousands of ‘symbolic’ doses at the end of the year, the primary phase of the vaccination campaign, which often assumes at least one hundred thousand amounts per week, will be launched in Present cards, begin, said Klaus Iohannis. The particular president spoke about this during a vacation in the Cantacuzino Institute of Immunology and Public Health, run by the Section of Defense, where a distribution centre has been set up to safely store 1.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine (minus 80 degrees).

Said the Romanian president.

In Poland According to the Minister of Health, they may be facing difficult weeks because the influence of the planned vaccinations will not be sensed in January and February along with the epidemic situation has not yet arrived to the level it had before the 2nd autumn wave. The Polish authorities plans to arrive in the country with the 1st 10,000 doses of the shot shortly after the Christmas holidays.

in Germany , where the vaccination campaign probably will begin on December 27, the brand new type of coronavirus poses the greatest menace in nursing and residential proper care facilities, with every second victim from the infection over eighty. Therefore, vaccination will first be given to this get older, as well as residents and employees associated with nursing and nursing homes. Vaccination associated with members of priority groups uses a minimum of a month or two. It means that

According to the regulation on the coronavirus vaccination plan, the second priority group comes with people over 70 who are very seriously threatened by a basic disease, men and women living in group accommodation – desolate people, asylum seekers – and women that are pregnant. The third group consists of people amongst the ages of 60 and 60 to 70 with a moderate risk of an underlying condition and those who are particularly important to the particular functioning of public institutions, like police officers, firefighters, teachers, law enforcement and even civil servants. In the first one fourth, 11 to 13 million amounts of vaccine are expected to arrive around Germany.

In Italy vaccinations in opposition to Covid-19 will also begin on Dec 27. The vaccination starts for this day in eight EU locations, symbolically together. Officially from mid-January 2021 the first mass vaccination together with 1,833,975 doses associated with Pfizer vaccine begins. In the 2nd wave, 2,507,700 vaccines are planned.

In Spain I would like to start mass vaccination about December 27 – the health ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) announced Friday. Salvador Illa explained the first shipment of vaccine appear in the country on the 26th.

– They told. The minister did not discuss how many servings arrive in Spain from first shipment, but said all of regions will receive the same treatment. According to reports from El Pais The first group to be vaccinated comes with residents of social homes and also who work in health centers.

In Great Britain vaccination started around the first week of December . Maggie Keenan, 90, was the first guy in the Western world to officially receive a great officially approved coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer drug factory. According to the data at the time the over-80s are vaccinated for the first time, which amounts to somewhere around 3.2 million people. The previous also include some patients who need medical care and others who are at risk. And naturally the health workers.

Russia The Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 condition, caused by the coronavirus, has already been transported to all regions and vaccination has started nationwide. There are currently 17 study institutes in the country working on 26 vaccines against Covid-19.

In Israel They can be preparing for a nationwide vaccination plan starting Sunday, and a growing message of the population is showing involvement in the vaccine, MTI reported Thursday, according to local media. In the 1st phase, only health professionals, then all those 60 and older, as well as their own spouses or people with chronic diseases, will receive the vaccine. Vaccines will probably be opened gradually, mainly in greater settlements, but vaccines are expected to become delivered to the periphery within twenty days using container caravan channels.

The In the United States the vaccination of vulnerable organizations has already started. The newly selected leaders will be among the particular first to receive the antibody. Just because of their age, considering Joe Biden is 78 years of age. He will get the vaccine next week.

And current Vice President Mike Pence possesses today been vaccinated against the brand-new type of corona virus. Vaccines may first come to nursing homes in California and Florida, and vaccines are required at sixty-six additional locations. The particular goal is to deliver three , 000, 000 doses in the first week. The country is currently the biggest opponent of the vaccination method is the weather. The British The Guardian Michigan trucks could be needed to bribe from Virginia to Ma in the judgment.

Cover picture: A coronavirus vaccine developed by the particular Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica, a Belgian subsidiary of Manley & Johnson, will be delivered to medical workers at a hospital in Badalona on December 17, 2020. The particular vaccine is given to volunteers within the third phase of clinical experiments. MTI / EFE / ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY / Enric Fontcuberta



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