A televised ceremony is scheduled in the absence of the winners who will receive the awards at a distance. The winners of the Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics will be announced between October 5 and 12 in Stockholm and Oslo.

A small Peace Prize ceremony is scheduled for December 10 in Oslo, but in a reduced format, the director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute announced earlier.

In Stockholm, every December 10 – the date that marks the death of the creator of the Swedish Nobel Prize Alfred – are awarded by the Swedish committees: Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, to which is added the prize for Economics.

“The last time the ceremony took place in Stockholm was in 1944,” Gustav Källstrand, a Nobel Foundation historian, told AFP during World War II. “However, there will be an online gala this year,” he said.

During World War II, more prizes were neither awarded nor awarded, even though Sweden did not take part in the conflict. The 1944 awards were given retroactively in 1945.

In 1940, 1941 and 1942, no ceremonies were held and no prizes were awarded.

This year, for safety, the winners will receive the awards in their country of residence, most likely through their embassies and universities, the Foundation explained.

The organization that administers the Nobel Prizes already announced in July that the Stockholm banquet was canceled, a premiere after 1956, when a diplomatic incident related to the Budapest uprising took place.

The foundation has already warned that the awards ceremony will take place in new formats due to the Covid-19 pandemic.