Coronavirus: no one knows how many and who have received the vaccines and what are the results of the tests in China

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The Chinese government has not made clear how the health of these hundreds of thousands of people was tracked, how they were informed and under what conditions they were being injected.

Hundreds of thousands of people have received one of the top four coronavirus vaccine candidates in China. Trials are being done outside the confines of clinical trials, which raises questions of safety and ethics.

The Chinese government has not made clear how health was tracked of these hundreds of thousands of people, how they were informed and under what conditions they were being injected.

Globally, China has the highest number of possible vaccines in the so-called phase 3, advanced clinical trials. The authorities promote the use of injections to prevent the disease from returning to the territory. Companies and governments around the world are racing to develop a vaccine to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Popular journalist Kan Chai this month shared his experience of being inoculated with a vaccine from the Chinese state company CNBG.

After the first dose, did not present any reactionbut Kan Chai felt dizzy after the second injection of a COVID-19 vaccine that was approved for emergency use in China.

“When I was driving, I suddenly felt a little dizzy, like I’m driving while intoxicated ”said the popular writer and columnist in a webinar a few weeks ago. “So I found a place to park the car, get some rest and then I felt better. ”

It is an unusual case among the hundreds of thousands of people who have been vaccinated, before final approval for widespread use.

Previously, Chinese companies drew attention by giving the vaccine to their top executives and principal researchers before human trials began to prove its safety and efficiency. In recent months, they have injected far greater numbers under an emergency use designation approved in June, and that number seems to continue to rise.

A health official said on Friday that China – which has largely eradicated the disease – needs to take steps to prevent it from returning, but an outside expert questioned the need for the disease. emergency use of vaccines when the virus is no longer spreading in the country where it was first detected.

At the moment it is not clear who and how many people have been vaccinatedBut the makers of the Chinese vaccine have offered some clues. The subsidiary of the state-owned Sinopharm company, CNBG, has injected some 350,000 people outside of its clinical trials, which have about 40,000 participants, a senior CNBG executive said recently.

Another company, Sinovac Biotech Ltd. has vaccinated 90% of your employees and relatives, or about 3,000 people, mostly under the provision of emergency use, said the company’s CEO Yin Weidong. It has also provided thousands of doses of its CoronaVac to the Beijing city government.

Additionally, the Chinese military has approved the use of a vaccine it developed with CanSino Biologics Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, on military personnel.

Source: AP



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