Coronavirus: Italy airs its anger over the new restrictions on another night of riots and looting

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From aggressive protesters to peaceful bar and restaurant owners came out to protest. The government promises aid for 6 billion euros.

All over Italy the sectors damaged by the curfew government and other semi-quarantine measures imposed by the government to contain the runaway advance of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met with merchants, owners of bars and restaurants, owners of gyms and swimming pools, plus other affected sectors, assuring them that on November 15 they will be distributed six billion euros help, in addition to paying social benefits to employees who are left without work.

The scene has become gloomy and alarming due to the violence of some protests. In Turin, a march down the central avenue Roma of less than a thousand aggressive protesters, culminated in attacks on the most luxurious businesses, the breaking of bulletproof windows with cobblestones and the smooth and flat robbery of centers as frequented as Gucci y Apple, who were devastated.

Groups of ultras from the Torino and Juventus football clubs, protected by hoods, threw Molotov cocktails at the police, who responded with charges and tear gas. Also far left and far right militants who shouted “Freedom! Freedom ”against the decision to impose a curfew, participated in the devastation that encompassed dozens of businesses in the high-class commercial heart of Turin.

Twenty-eight people were arrested, 13 of whom were minors. Two young Egyptians with bags that broke into Gucci stores were also arrested after struggling with the police.

Instead a march of thousand merchants, owners of bars, restaurants and pizzerias affected by the nightly curfew, which extends until 5 in the morning.

One woman carried a large sign that proclaimed: “We are dying”. A couple of merchants with tears in their eyes held another sign: “They starve us instead of the virus.”

In Milan there were several peaceful marches of people damaged by the restriction measures and against the curfew that prevents economic activity.

Traders show a lot more aggressive and desperate that in the previous days “because if a total quarantine is decreed, this time we will not survive, as we managed to do after the first wave that prevented us from working for 72 days, with great financial damage.”

The demonstrations included many cities girls and medium, in which no incidents were registered. In the Ministry of the Interior, from where the “anti-curfew” revolt was followed with growing alarm, the prefects and the police were instructed to respond “with maximum energy” to the violent and allow all legitimate and peaceful protests .

In Rome there were a dozen peaceful demonstrations in the main squares of the capital and in front of the Palace of the Chamber of Deputies, located next to the palace seat of the government, which was prevented from reaching those protesting.

Taxi drivers also protested in several cities, but chose Naples as the main center of the demonstrations. Hundreds of taxis lined up in front of the regional government headquarters.

“We can no longer live, because there is no more tourism and people do not get into our cars because has no money”Protested a union leader. “With the curfew and the total quarantine that seems to be upon us, we don’t know what to do.”

An attack that made an impression occurred at dawn on Monday in Rimini, the main seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea where the film director Federico Fellini was born. Some fifty cars, mostly belonging to doctors, nurses and health personnel from the main Rimini hospital who were on duty, were severely damaged by unknown persons.

Anonymous messages accused the doctors of “raising the alarm” by warning the public about the growing spread of the coronavirus. The hospital, where there are many interned for Covid-19, is now under close police surveillance.

He too world of culture protest against sanitary restrictions. The world famous conductor Riccardo Muti, who is currently in charge of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, sent a letter to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for the order to close the concert halls and theaters. “This is a serious decision. The impoverishment of the mind and spirit is dangerous and also damages the health of the body, “he said.

Muti and many celebrities from the entertainment world stressed that all the studios recognize that the cinemas, theater and concerts in the peninsula “are among the safest places in the country, so we do not understand what is the logic of suspending activities” .


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