– One player on the HIFK U18 junior team has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. The player has been on the sidelines of the team since Tuesday last week, immediately after the onset of symptoms. The player’s test result was completed on Sunday, HIFK reports on its website.

The infectious disease physician determines the number of exposed and is in contact with those exposed.

As of Sunday afternoon, HIFK’s U18-Junior team and a total of three U20 and U16 junior team players who attended the team’s rehearsals last week have been quarantined.

All of the U20 and U16 youth players who joined the U18 team will be tested today on Monday, and the test results are expected to be completed on Tuesday.

Rehearsals and other gatherings for the U20 and U16 teams have been canceled until the test results are completed.

HIFK’s U18 youths played league matches against HPK and KooKoo last weekend. Clubs have been informed of the HIFK player’s corona infection immediately after the test result is completed.

HIFK will provide further information after the test results are completed.