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“The country registers 754 new cases, of which 744 are of community transmission and 13 are imported cases,” informed Freddy Ñañez, Minister of Communication.

Venezuela confirmed that in the last 24 hours it registered 754 new cases of Covid-19, and seven deaths, which bring the total number of infections to 82,453 and to 691 the number of deaths from coronavirus.

“The country registers 754 new cases, of which 744 are of community transmission and 13 are imported cases,” informed Freddy Ñañez, Minister of Communication, announcing the daily balance of the presidential commission for the monitoring and control of the pandemic. through the social network Twitter.

Furthermore, he said that, of the 13 imported cases, 12 come from Colombia and 1 Brazil “Until today, 82,453 cases have been confirmed, of which 73,919 people have been recovered, which is equivalent to 90%. We have 7,843 active cases, of which 7,622 are in the public health system and 221 in private clinics, “he explained.” 1,988,486 tests have been carried out. This represents 66,283 tests per million inhabitants, “he said.

Among those who died were four men, one 71 from Apure state, another 70 from Sucre; a third, 48, from Anzoátegui, and the last, 47, from Táchira, Ñañez detailed on his Twitter account.

Also passed away three women aged 73, 61 and 47 who resided in the state of Miranda (which houses part of Caracas), the Amazon and the northwestern part of Zulia (bordering Colombia), respectively.

In addition, the authorities diagnosed 757 new infections, of which 744 are of community transmission and 13 were “imported” by Venezuelans returned to the country.

The central Carabobo state is the region where the most new cases were detected (132), followed by Táchira (bordering Colombia, the insulting state of Nueva Esparta and the also central Aragua, the three with 55 cases each.

Behind are Zulia (52), La Guaira (52), Caracas (47), Yaracuy (38), Miranda (36), Lara (36), Amazonas (29), Barinas (27), Anzoátegui (26), Bolívar (23), Cojedes (22), Trujillo (17), Guárico (16), Mérida (10), Portuguesa (5), Monagas (5), Apure (4) and Sucre (2).

The “imported” cases were carried by Venezuelan migrants returned from Colombia (12) and Brazil (1).

So far, 82,453 have been confirmed infected with the new SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, of which 73,919 people have been recovered, representing 90%, Ñañez added.

Of the 7,843 cases that are still active, 7,622 are admitted to the public health system and 221 to private clinics.

Source: ANSA and EFE



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