Coronavirus in Italy: more than 40,000 deaths, saturated hospitals and patients accumulated in the corridors

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The government is considering extending the regional quarantine to the entire country. The epidemic will not subside for at least a month and a half, they said from the Ministry of Health and described a critical panorama.

With 32 thousand infected and more than 40 thousand dead the situation in many hospitals in Italy becomes tragic and the coronavirus pandemic may force a total quarantine to be extended to the entire country.

The number of daily infected in Italy reached 32,616 thanks to the reduction of control tests on Sundays, while the deaths were 331 with a total of 41,394 deaths. “The situation is getting tragic in hospitals, “said Walter Ricciardi, adviser to the Minister of Health:” The epidemic will not subside for at least a month and a half. ” The autonomous province of Alto Adige, in the north, voluntarily decided to move to the “red zone” with the highest quarantine, in which Lombardy, Piedmont and Calabria are already under protest, because it cannot contain the daily spread of the virus.

The situation is deteriorating rapidly. In Campania, hospitals are on the verge of saturation and first aid has turned into hell, especially in Naples. In the Hospital del Mare, even oxygen has begun to run out, essential for patients who are seriously ill due to the double pneumonia caused by Corvid-19, which leaves them almost breathless.

The chroniclers who have entered the chaos of the first aid of this hospital They narrate of sick people piled up on beds and stretchers next to each other, without distinction between infected or not. The arrival of patients is continuous. “This looks like Kabul and we are not at war,” explained a desperate nurse.

Outside of first aid there is long lines of ambulances unable to unload the sick. The terrible spectacle is repeated in the other hospitals in the Campana region. Doctors and nurses treat them there until they find a place inside the hospital. The images are similar in the Cardarelli hospital, the largest in southern Italy.

In the rich region of Piedmont, whose capital is Turin, the saturation of hospitals is similar. The army has installed field hospitals to alleviate the situation in hospitals. Alejandro Stecco, leader of the Novara hospital and president of the region’s health commission, launched from Turin a dramatic appeal today to the Non-Governmental Organizations of volunteers, stating that “we need help, we lack everything of everything”. He asked that the doctors who volunteer abroad be brought back.

An additional problem is the lack of thousands of nurses and doctors in Italy. Bed occupancy exceeds in some hospitals one hundred percent and also the Intensive therapy posts, where patients are intubated to receive oxygen, have also reached the top and they seek to transfer them to less saturated areas.

At the San Luigi del Piedmont hospital, a hundred emergency beds have been installed in a church and in a room for medical congresses, to refer the less seriously ill there and vacate the most compromised rooms.

One of the most serious problems is that, for example in Piedmont, where hospitals have eleven thousand beds, half are destined for those infected by the pandemic, but the arrival of patients is so high that few beds are left for those with other diseases.

In Italy a second, strange, epidemic is growing. Cardiac, cancerous, and victims of other diseases, they try to avoid hospitals for fear of a fatal contagion. Tens of thousands of checks have been postponed. Specialists point out that it is inevitable that there will be a growing mortality indirectly linked to the epidemic, in particular among heart patients and cancer patients.

Professor Walter Riccardi declared that in the next fifteen days, if all goes well, a decrease in the rate of exponential growth of the virus will be achieved. The government decided to divide the country into three areas, colored red, orange and yellow.

In the red there are quarantine measures, but less energetic than the one that was applied from March 9 to May 10 in the first phase of the pandemic. In the other two, the measures are more flexible. The total closure in the first phase gave very good results and in the summer 80% virulence of the corona virus was achieved.

Phase two exploded in October and is reaching its peak. The difference is that now the virus has spread throughout the country. “It takes time for the data to stabilize,” said Ricciardi, advisor to Minister Roberto Speranza for Public Health.

In three weeks the government approved four plans of measures. The order of doctors from Lombardy (Milan) and Piedmont) and many scientists argue that the tragic reality will lead to having to approve a national quarantine in the coming weeks. They believe that only immobilizing and isolating the 60 million Italians with very harsh measures will be able to contain and tame the pandemic. Otherwise, more and more infected and deceased will be added, with the hospital and health system collapsed.

The government and the heads of the regions they resist this extreme measure because the economic consequences are tremendous. The price of the quarantine in the first phase was a loss of 10 percent of the national wealth produced this year. As the pandemic continues to expand in Europe, the Union of 27 countries approved collaboration plans that only in the case of Italy add 209 billion euros in subsidies and loans at very low interest.

If history repeats itself to control this second phase, the prospect is ruinous, because the Italian state is rapidly getting into debt to help with subsidies to those who lose their jobs or their income, as is the case of the owners of 211 thousand small businesses, including bars, restaurants and other businesses.


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