Coronavirus in Great Britain: forecast of thousands of deaths and the nightmare of “Tier 3”, the highest level of alert

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It has already been imposed on millions of people by the number of infections. Socializing is prohibited and can last for weeks.

With Britain in full resurgence of the second wave of the coronavirus and more than 200 daily deaths, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure from mayors and Labor for a full three-week lockdown, with financial aid for the most vulnerable, and pressure from his Chancellor of Finance and the Conservative Party, from preserve the economy because they don’t have more funds. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland (from November 2) have already applied it.

The big battle was with the Labor mayor of Manchester and former health minister, Andy Burnham, who refused to impose the maximum alert or Tier 3 in his region, without an aid of 65 million pounds sterling to support companies and the weakest in the containment network, such as taxi drivers, porters, and free lancers or entrepreneurs.

After tense and long discussions with the mayor, Boris Johnson forced manchester on your Tier 3 high alert, without the aid funds demanded by Burnham, and broke up negotiations, in an obvious political gesture in a Labor area.

Tier 3 or maximum alert for very high risk means that people can’t socialize with anyone, neither outside nor inside your house or in your garden or events. Traders can continue to work on their business. The “rule of six” is imposed in public spaces such as squares, parks or sports venues. Bars and pubs can only be opened as restaurants, with alcohol served as part of the meal.

Schools and universities remain open as do places of worship. Travel outside the Tier 3 zone should be avoided, save for work or education and residents should avoid sleeping elsewhere in the kingdom.

After Manchester, Boris Johnson extended Tier 3 to 3 million people in South Yorkshire, which will also affect Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherdam and Sheffield from Saturday at 12:01 am.

The region raised 41 million pounds of government funding to support the people, particularly the hospitality sector and taxi drivers affected by the lockdown.

Mayor Dan Jarvios announced that “the number of people with COVID in our hospitals has doubled in 10 days, there are no signs that it will weaken in the coming weeks” and “inaction is not an option.”

The Nottinghamshire and West Yorkshire regions could also fall under this high alert. The government will review this measure every 28 days.

In the House of Commons, the prime minister was harshly questioned by Sir Keir Starmer, the Labor leader, about the measures he takes and the link with the mayors, the highest regional authorities. He urged him to declare a complete “lockdown” of the country next Friday, when infectologists warn that the second wave will cause “thousands of deaths in the kingdom.”

He was urged to establish which areas need to be lowered from Tier 3 to Tier 2, or from Tier 2 to Tier 1, which are the different levels of health alert established in Great Britain.

Until now Boris Johnson resists calls from his Scientific Council (SADE) and Labor leader Sir Starmer to declare a “circuit breaker” or simultaneous national confinement short to stop the virus. In front of the deputies he said that “a regional approach is better” and it would not be fair to parts of Britain with a low rate of Covid, such as Kent.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer warned him in the parliamentary interpellation that there must be “a national financial framework” to support the application of the Tier, which must be officially established, before these “grab it or go” extortion packages, which have offered to mayors of affected regions.

Instead of a solution, Tier 3 it is a confinement of weeks and weeks, probably months and months, of agony, where there is no way out, ”Sir Keir described in the House of Commons, facing a Boris lost in his notes and reading ready-made responses.

Professor John Edmunds, a member of the council of scientists that advises the government (SAGE), announced on Wednesday that Britain must expect “thousands of thousands of deaths in the second wave of the coronavirus, in what is a depressing situation.”

In a presentation to the Parliamentary Committee on Science, Technology and Health, he explained that “we are going to having to live with the virus increasingly . There is very little chance that it will be eradicated. “


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