Coronavirus in France: Brigitte Macron in isolation

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President Emmanuel Macron’s wife was in contact with someone infected, and will now be isolated for seven days.

Brigitte Macron, the first lady of France, went into isolation on Monday for Covid 19. President Emmanuel Macron’s wife was in contact with someone infected with the virus and must remain in isolation for seven days.

Until now has no symptoms, according to sources from Eliseo.

“Brigitte Macron was in contact on Thursday, October 15 with a person declared positive for Covid this Monday, October 19 and who had symptoms of the disease. According to the recommendations of the health authorities, she observes a seven-day isolation period. So far Brigitte Macron does not show any signs of her illness, ”said her environment.

Due to these circumstances, the first lady will not be able to attend the tribute to Professor Samuel Paty, beheaded by an Islamist extremist, which will be held at the Sorbonne University next Wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. She will take the same precautions in her private life.

Mrs. Macron lives in the private apartments of the Eliseo Palace with her husband, the head of state. She was a literature teacher at the San Luis Gonzaga high school in Paris.

She has been married to the president since 2007 and has 3 children from her marriage to the banker André Louis Auzière, who died last Christmas.

In France, 32,700 daily cases and there is a curfew between nine at night and 6 in the morning before the exponential advance of the virus, in this second wave.

Paris, correspondent


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