Coronavirus in China: The fear for the positive of a distributor in Pekn to confine 400,000 people

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The worrying months of the Xinfadi market are that infections have spread to other provinces, some 400 kilometers away.

People have glue to perform the test on Pekn.TINGSHU WANG /REUTERS

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There is one news, a cause of concern among residents of Pekn. On the one hand, the new coronavirus sprout, according to the authorities, was under control. But among the 100,000 home-based distributors who do not pass through nucleic acid samples, only one positive data. It was a 47-year-old man identified as el seor Kong. The distributor delivered daily 50 orders of food to four districts of the capital, among which was Fengtai, from where the food market originates from the new sprout.

The food delivery service at home is very ingrained in the great cities of China, certainly not in any other country. A job that has been fundamental during the crisis: everything was closed, electric motorbike drivers driving home by house sharing food and what the customer wanted, following the first fire, playing the type, with endless times like those there is Kong, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm every week.

These workers have won the applause and public thanks with hundreds of tributes on the pages of the periodicals and in the words of the politicians. Also, with the performance problem that runs through China, some companies are not reserving plazas and motorcycles formuchos stopped jveneswho wanted to earn one yuan as distributors. Now, after the positive in Hong Kong, these companies have increased their controls, indicating on the invoices of the packages that the customer receives details about the disinfection of the bag and the temperature of the dispenser.

Since the first case of the new bud emerged on the 11th of June, if it has been detected318 infected in Pekn. The National Health Commission has reported 12 new cases today in China, all of them with local contagions in the capital, from where the authorities have beaten the mass test record: if they have taken tests over 8.2 million years ago residents, approximately one third of all the poblacin. The tests continue in the 474 puestos that have been enabled in the barrios of all the city.

In total, according to official data, in China it has been carried out90 million coronavirus problems since starting the pandemic.In Pekn, the health authorities are carrying out the same technique that they used in Wuhan during their mass problems, what is known as “group problem”. In each analysis, five-person trials have been combined that have undergone the tests. This means that if the sale is negative, no one has the Covid-19. But if the result is positive, it is necessary to carry out a new analysis, this time taking the test of the same personas to analyze the changes individually.

Infection extends to other provinces

But one of the things that now worries me about the sprouting of the Xinfadi market – the big month of Pekné – and the infections related to this place have extended to other provinces, from areas more than 400 kilometers away to the north-east such as Liaoning , Hebei, which surrounds the capital of China.

It is precisely in this last province, on Saturday that the authorities will inform that they live in the Cerrado of Anxin, 140 kilometers from Pekn. A cerrojo by a collection of contagions related to the market that affects 400,000 people who live in their first strict confinement – Wuhan style – since they started the pandemic.Police have blocked the trucks and closed the barrios.nicallya member of each family can leave oncewith a special permission to purchase. Adems, have been assigned to dozens of vigilantes, members of the Communist Party, who must patrol the vecindarios to ensure that residents comply with the cuarentena measures.

If we take official figures for granted, China will be able to flatten its curve after over 80,000 confirmed cases have been overcome, since only 3,500 infected people have been infected since then. New buds like Pekn have shown that new normality also consists of living with these joints. Also in the Asian giant Nadie dares to speak before a second wave of contagions.



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