Coronavirus in Britain: Government plans to close bars and restaurants for two weeks, but not schools

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Under the new emergency plans, they would be closed for two weeks in the north of England and London. And families will not be able to meet for an indefinite time inside the houses.

As Paris prepares to lower the blinds of its bars and restaurants from today at 10 p.m., in Great Britain the ministers decided that from Wednesday at midnight the reunion of families in the northeast of England it will be totally illegal because the coronavirus continues to rise. Restrictions will apply in Northumberland, Newcastle, North and South Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland and County Durham. This social “lockdown” could extend to London in the coming days due to the spiral of the Covid 19 epidemic.

But another plan is afoot, when Boris Johnson’s government faces a new parliamentary rebellion of his party, which refuses to accept new restrictions without parliamentary approval.

Under the new emergency plans, all pubs, restaurants and bars in the north of England and London would be closed for two weeks. Families will not be able to meet for an indefinite time inside the houses. The schools will remain open as well as the shops, factories and offices that cannot practice telework.

From today, people in Britain must isolate themselves if they test positive or are contacted by the virus search services. Failure to do so carries a fine of £ 1,000.

The police will be very active looking for those who violate the laws in areas where the virus is extremely active.

Downing St does not want a widespread nationwide lockdown because it believes cases vary by region. Cases are low in the south-west and south-east, outside of London.

The decision to close British bars and pubs at 10 at night is already being questioned because people are scattered around in groups, without social distance and drinking alcohol. The scientists cautioned that they did not recommend this measure.

Boris Johnson is facing a massive parliamentary revolt for imposing restrictions on the British, without consulting their MPs. There are new signs of mistrust in his leadership, which collapses not only against the country that voted for him but also against his own party.

Ahead of Wednesday’s vital vote to give the government extensive powers to unilaterally deal with the coronavirus, there is a strange coalition of Conservative MPs from the powerful 1922 Committee and Labor to bar Boris, with an amendment, do not impose the measures he wants to implement on the virus without consulting the legislators. An absolutely unusual union in the British Parliament. They will not allow you to continue to ignore the House of Commons, like when they closed it when they were due to decide on Brexit last year. They will need at least 43 conservative deputies to defeat the Boris government in this instance.

Deputies torys they think “in a change of leadership” before the mismanagement of the Covid crisis in the hands of Boris Johnson. His favorite candidate is finance chancellor Rishi Sunak, who opposes more restrictive measures to defend the economy, and Michael Gove, the minister who betrayed Boris on Brexit night.

In Paris, the heart of the red zone, they are already preparing the first early closing from restaurants and bars on Monday, starting at 10 at night, to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Between September 28 and October 11, establishments will not be able to serve food after 10 pm. The ban extends to other cities with “heightened alert.”

Professionals in the hospitality sector they do not stop expressing their discontent. They highlight the strong financial impact of the health crisis and even the organization of a protest movement last Sunday.

In Nice they have called “To total disobedience”. The administrative court of Marseille is analyzing the appeal against the closure of restaurants in Marseille and Aix en Provence for two weeks. The Prefect said that the measures may be reexamined before October 11.

The merchants denounce the measures “without the slightest agreement.” They warn that there are going to be bankruptcies and demand that they allow them to open until 10 at night, as in Paris.



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