Coronavirus: France begins a reopening in three stages that could end in January

There will be a night curfew from December 15, but it is suspended for Christmas and New Years. Family reunions with few guests.

A deconfinement in three stages in France, which with discipline, could end around January 20. After the announcements of President Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday, it was the turn of Prime Minister Jean Castex to explain to the country what the steps of this progressive abandonment of confinement in the face of the coronavirus epidemic will be.

One date is December 15 and the other is January 20. A calendar and a sanitary protocol for the different sectors affected by this second wave of the epidemic.

The vaccination plan in France and its details will be known next week.

Although essential shops may open next Saturday with extended hours until 9:00 p.m., many will have to extend your services to the street to maintain social distance of 8 square meters per customer.

The French will be able to leave their house for three hours to walk in a park, up to 20 kilometers away. So far only one hour and one kilometer is allowed. But the real disarray will begin on December 15 and not now.

The driving schools may reopen on Saturday to give classes but the theoretical training will work remotely.

Places of worship will be open on Saturday with a limit of 30 people. This decision has caused a misunderstanding on the part of Catholics as the Christmas holidays approach, and the rule could be relieved on December 15.

Furthermore, the French they will be able to reunite with their family for the end of the year parties. The curfew, which will enter into force on December 15, will be lifted especially on December 24 and 31.

“That does not mean that we will be able to celebrate Christmas and the New Year like all previous years,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex. It will be “imperative to limit” the number of guests, following specific recommendations that must be provided before the Holidays, according to the prime minister.

Skiing cannot be practiced at Christmas. But they will be able to go to the ski resorts during the school holidays. The mechanical means and collective equipment will be closed. The reopening will be only in January.

The bars and restaurants must remain closed until January 20. A difficult decision, but based on the absence of masks at mealtime and the high risk of contagion.

As of December 15, interregional movements will be authorized, as well as visits to overseas territories, with a PCR test of at least 72 hours.

Travel abroad will be allowed but with caution. Vacation centers and colonies will continue to be closed.

To help bars and restaurants in the face of the economic crisis, the prime minister has nominated 2021 as “the year of French gastronomy”, to help them modernize and encourage consumption.

Throughout this period until December 15, teleworking must be massive, according to the Prime Minister’s instructions.

To make the isolation of people more effective, Castex announced that it will submit a bill to the Parliament for an accompaniment to infected people.



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