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The coronavirus has already claimed the lives of more than half a million people, or 500,108, according to the count prepared by Johns Hopkins University, which just a few hours ago reported more than 10 million infections in 188 countries and territories.

The United States and Brazil are the two leading countries by a number of deaths, with 125,714 and 57,070, respectively, followed by the United Kingdom, in third place, with 43,634 deaths, according to figures from the university’s headquarters and Baltimore corresponding to 10:33 p.m. Spanish time.

In terms of infections, Russia is in third place with 633,542 positive results and 9,060 deaths, followed by India, which has already passed the half-million infection threshold with a total of 528,859 positive results and 16,095 deaths, after beating its daily record for the fifth consecutive day, this time with 20,095 infections.

Peru is behind, with 275,989 sick people and 9,135 deaths. Chile, meanwhile, has 271,982 people with coronavirus and 5,509 deaths, while Spain has 248,770 infected and 28,343 dead. After Spain, Italy has 240,310 infected people and 34,738 deaths.

Next, Iran has 222,669 cases and 10,508 deaths, followed by Mexico with 212,802 cases and 26,381 deaths, ahead of Pakistan with 202,955 cases and 4,118 deaths, the last country to join the group in recent hours with more than 200,000 affected.

Still below 200,000 infections is France, with 199,474 infections and 29,781 deaths, ahead of Turkey, with 197,238 cases and 5,097 deaths, and Germany, which has confirmed 194,693 cases and 8,968 deaths.

Closing the group of more than 100,000 infections are Saudi Arabia, with 182,493 infections and 1,551 deaths; South Africa, with 138,134 cases and 2,465 deaths; Bangladesh, with 137,787 cases and 1,738 deaths; and Canada, with 105,146 people with coronavirus and 8,582 deaths.

Below the 100,000-positive threshold, Qatar has 94,413 cases and 110 deaths; Colombia, with 88,817 cases and 3,076 deaths; and China, the country where the pandemic originated, with 84,745 cases and 4,641 deaths.

Egypt, the next country on the list, has 65,188 cases and 2,789 deaths. Sweden follows with 65,137 infections and 5,280 deaths, Belarus has 61,475 cases and 383 deaths, and Belgium has 61,295 infections and 9,732 deaths.

Argentina, with 57744 people with coronavirus and 1207 deaths; Ecuador, with 54,574 infections and 4,424 deaths; Indonesia, with 54,010 cases and 2,754 deaths; and the Netherlands, with 50,355 infections and 6,124 deaths, close the list of countries with more than 50,000 cases.

Exceeding the 40,000 positive cases are the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Ukraine, Singapore and Portugal, while Oman, the Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Bolivia and Panama account for more than 30,000 cases.

Romania, Ireland, Bahrain, Armenia, Nigeria, Israel and Kazakhstan have more than 20,000 positive cases of coronavirus, ahead of Japan, Austria, Honduras, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Moldova, Serbia, Algeria, Denmark, Nepal, South Korea, Cameroon, Morocco and the Czech Republic, which have more than 10,000 cases.



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