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Until now, it had been characterized by a softer line than other countries with similar situations and had not issued any recommendation regarding the use of masks. But the infections have increased, especially in Stockholm.

The Swedish authorities are analyzing the possibility of adopt restrictive measures locals against the coronavirus pandemic – a complete twist in their strategy – after registering a weekly increase in new infections in Stockholm.

Until now, Sweden had been characterized for a looser line than other Nordic countries with comparable situations and had not issued any recommendation regarding the use of masks.

His authorities favored calls for individual responsibility rather than imposing restrictions.

This strategy has been very controversial, especially at the times of greatest incidence of the pandemic, since the numbers of infections and mortality were higher than those of other countries in the region that had taken measures.

“The regressive trend has been broken. If the curve continues to rise, the situation could be dangerous, “said the head of Health of the capital, Bjoern Eriksson.

According to the Swedish health authorities, in the last seven days there have been Stockholm 305 new cases, compared to 254 the week before.

The head of the Swedish Public Health Agency, Anders Tegnell, up until now a defender of this lax line, acknowledged that if the trend persists, it will be necessary to think about “local restrictions” for the capital.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sweden 89,436 infections with SARS-CoV-2. The death toll is 5,870.

When most of Europe confined its population at the start of the pandemic by closing schools, restaurants, gyms, and even borders, the Swedes continued to enjoy many freedoms.

The relatively low-key strategy caught the world’s attention. But it also coincided with a per capita death rate much higher than in other Nordic countries.

Now that infections are on the rise again in much of Europe, the country of 10 million inhabitants registers one of the lowest numbers of new cases of coronavirus, and only has 14 patients of the virus in intensive care.

However, whether Sweden’s strategy is a success is still unclear.

Doubts Your health authorities, and in particular the chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, keep repeating an already familiar phrase: It’s too soon to put it, and all countries are in different phases of the pandemic.

That hasn’t stopped a World Health Organization official from saying the continent should learn some lessons from Sweden that could help fight the virus elsewhere.

“We have to acknowledge that Sweden, at this time, has avoided the increase that has been seen in some of the other countries in Western Europe,” said Catherine Smallwood, the head of emergencies for the WHO in Europe, on Thursday. lessons can be learned from that. We will be very attentive to work and learn more about the Swedish strategy. ”

According to the European Center for Disease Control, Sweden has reported 30.3 new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, compared to 292.2 in Spain, 172.1 in France, 61.8 in Gran Britain and 69.2 in Denmark, countries that imposed strict quarantines at the beginning of the pandemic.


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