Coronavirus: Britain mobilizes doctors, military and nurses for a historic mass vaccination since December 1

‘English hospitals will obtain corona vaccine from Pfizer from December 7’

The UK department of the UK nationwide well being service NHS has informed hospitals that from December 7 they may have vaccines developed and...

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‘British hospitals obtain corona vaccine from Pfizer inside ten days’

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He also summoned pharmacists and medical students. They plan to vaccinate 1 million people per week. The vaccine cannot be purchased.

Vaccination against Covid will start in Great Britain from December 1 mass, in one of the largest immune logistics operations in the kingdom’s history.

Britain is preparing a vaccine blitz. He has even summoned retired doctors, nurses and pharmacists to help inject them, plus the military and its reserves. They plan to vaccinate a million people per week.

The Queen and the Royal Family must wait his rigorous shift. First the hospitals, then the nursing homes, then the vulnerable and so on. Prince Charles is in the fourth group just now. Further back, Prince William. There will be a rigorous shift and the vaccine cannot be purchased.

The plan includes enabling 1,500 general practitioners to vaccinate in their offices from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with an average of approximately 1,000 daily doses. They believe that, at that rate, they can reach 1 million doses per week.

Health service officials said the NHS, the British health service, is ready to implement them as quickly as possible, with the help of doctors, Medicine students, retired nurses, nurses and doctors, dentists, paramedics, plus the army and its reserve summoned to help and are already trained in health logistics.

Ten million doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, which in its phase 3 gave 90 percent of results and is German American, will be delivered by the end of the year, if the regulators authorize it. As this vaccine is stored at a temperature of 70 degrees below zero, the doses must be shipped from Belgium. They can only be kept in a standard refrigerator for a very short number of days. Exactly four days.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said regulators will be able to pass judgment “in days” before the formal license is granted, which is expected at the end of this month.

The government does not lose hope that the vaccine from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca “is ready for this week”.

Sir John Bell, the government’s medical adviser, did not rule out that “Britain may have by the end of the year two or three vaccinesReady for distribution. The NHS service believes that the vaccine can be distributed in mid-December. But the government has ordered them to start giving it at the beginning of December. They want to avoid a prolongation of confinement.

General practitioners will receive £ 12.58 for each dose they or their nurses administer. As there are two doses, they will finally pay you 25.16 pounds for everything. Generalists are going to have to reduce attention to other diseases to deal with this mass vaccination.

A priority list has been established. Even Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family will not enjoy privileges and will have to go to the queue, as their subjects. They will not receive special treatments.

The queen, who has turned 94, is in the second group of vaccinated, after hospital and nursing home residents. The first and second group include 5,062,000 people.

The Prince of Wales, who already had coronavirus, at age 71, will be part of group 4. His son and heir, Prince William, who had the virus but never reported it, is part of group 11. In group 5 are everyone who is over 65 and can wait up to 5 months for the vaccine. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in group nine. Can carry six months vaccinate all the groups into which they have divided the country.

All of them will need two doses, which can take up to two months to administer. There will be no special treatment or privileges for anyone in the kingdom.

Companies will not be able to buy the vaccine to help skip the line, that British institution. It will only be provided by the NHS, the British health service, it will be highly regulated and it will be prohibited from selling it on the open market.

There are fears that large corporations will try to buy the vaccines directly from laboratories, limiting the amount destined for the public, but the Health Department said that has not happened in Britain.


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