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Governor João Doria announced it for the state of São Paulo. It will use the one made by Sinovac, which is in the final testing phase.

A chinese vaccine against the coronavirus, produced in the Asian country and in São Paulo, would begin to be applied in December in the health professionals of that Brazilian state, São Paulo Governor João Doria announced.

The vaccine will be manufactured by the Chinese company Sinovac in conjunction with the Butantan Institute of San Pablo. Most (almost 95%) of the 50,000 volunteers who have already tried it in China had no adverse reactions, the studies indicated.

“Most of these cases (of adverse reactions) it was only at the place of the vaccine application”Doria said Wednesday at a press conference. He spoke to journalists alongside the director of the Butantan Institute, Dimas Covas, and the Sinovac representative in South America, Xing Han.

The Government of São Paulo assured that it will have a stock of 6 million vaccines imported from China, and another 40 million produced by Butantan already in December, which will be enough to immunize the entire population of the largest Brazilian state.

The announcement sparked strong hope among São Paulo residents, as well as Brazilians from other states. The pandemic has already stopped 34 thousand deaths in São Paulo, a state where 40 million people live, almost the same population of all Argentina.

With 209 million inhabitants, Brazil registers 139 thousand deaths from Covid-19 and is the second country in the world with the most fatalities, after the United States.

The “stay at home” rule was not promoted by President Jair Bolsonaro, who had coronavirus and still does not encourage the use of the mask among the population. Doria, on the other hand, defended the use of that protection element and was one of the first to try to distance himself from Bolsonaro’s guidelines on behavior in the face of the deadly fury of the pandemic.

Like the President, the governor of São Paulo also caught Covid-19. He communicated it in August.

In Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia, it is increasingly common to have acquaintances with coronavirus, as well as infections from taxi drivers and public employees. Some followed Bolsonaro’s questioned suggestions and used chloroquine, despite not yet having scientific proof. The president usually shows the medication box in his live meetings on social networks or even in the speeches he makes in the middle of crowds.

Brazil, a country that learned to polarize politics long after Argentina, today has economic problems like other regions hit by the pandemic. AND it is difficult for people to lock themselves up and stop going to work or going to the beach, as seen in the Rio de Janeiro sands in recent days.

Informality at work is high. At the same time, many SMEs and large companies opted for teleworking and only plan to return to face-to-face work after the vaccine.

Other problems and controversies, such as fires in the Pantanal and deforestation in the Amazon, add, generate concern and feed the political debate in the various social spheres.

In between is the pandemic and the growing dispute for the 2022 presidential election. Bolsonaro is a candidate for a second term. AND Doria could stand as his adversary.

In this environment, the CoronaVac vaccine generates hope for health and expectations for its political effects. While Doria encourages vaccination and supports science, Bolsonaro expressed doubts about the efficacy of immunizing himself. In line with Donald Trump, his government has had several diplomatic incidents with China, despite the importance of this market for Brazilian exports.

To be applied in the São Paulo population, the CoronaVac you still need two steps, in addition to the security tests carried out in China with the application on the volunteers. In the Asian country, it has already obtained authorization for emergency vaccination.

The Sinovac company tests the product in other countries. And in Brazil (where there are several coronavirus vaccines in trial), five states and the Federal District are testing it on volunteers, but the results in these cases, different from São Paulo, they have not yet been completed.


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