Coronavirus: Anna Netrebko, one of the biggest stars of the lyric, was hospitalized with pneumonia

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Despite the risks of contagion, the Russian-Austrian singer wanted to continue working and has no regrets.

Anna Netrebko, prestigious Russian-Austrian soprano, She was hospitalized with pneumonia, after being infected with coronavirus, as reported this Thursday by the same lyrical star on his Instagram account.

“For five days, I have been in the hospital with COVID-19 pneumonia and will soon begin to recover,” the artist wrote.

Netrebko added that, faced with the pandemic, he did not want to stay home and, “at the risk of getting sick”, He decided “to start working, traveling and acting. And I don’t regret it,” he says.

The diva, who will turn 49 this Friday, was going to play Isabel de Valois in the opera Don Carlos, with her husband Yusif Eyvazov, and Ildar Abdrazakov, among other stars, at the Bolshoi Theater, Russia.

The presentation of the opera, with which the Bolshoi restarted its activity, was canceled this September 10, after Abdrazakov contracted the coronavirus.

Netrebko explained that she isolated herself as soon as she felt the first symptoms.

“I got to the hospital on time and they gave me assistance. Everything will be fine! The devil is not as fierce as they paint him,” continued the soprano, who also assures that her husband Yusif “has antibodies and somehow passed the disease ” inadvertently.

Also, he revealed that his son Tiago is fine and asked his fans not to lose their cool.

“Don’t worry. You won’t knock me down so easily. I mean I’m more tired of all this mess associated with testing, quarantines and intimidation of people than the virus itself. I’m glad that this is over for me, “she concluded optimistically.

In August 2018, Netrebko performed for the first time in Argentina, more precisely, at the Teatro Colón.

“The concert was scheduled at 5 on Sunday, and at 4:50 pm the Foyer and the Colón steps were taken over by an impressive crowd. It seemed too much, even when it was the local debut of the Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, the biggest lyric star of the 21st century; In the end it was not a question of a mass phenomenon, but of people simply crowded together without advancing: the Theater had not yet given room, since the soprano and her husband, the Algerian tenor Yusif Eyvazov, had been rehearsing with the band until a few minutes before. orchestra ”, began the chronicle of Federico Monjeau in Clarion.

And he continued: “They did not do it out of a perfectionist mania, quite the opposite. Netrebko and Eyvazov had been absent from the rehearsal scheduled for Saturday, in which the experienced maestro Jader Bignamini worked the selected parts only with the orchestra.

Then, on this modality, the critic added: “The absence must have surprised the musicians of the Stable, but obviously not Bignamini, who is hired among other things to do this work: the fake orchestral rehearsal with singers. Nor is it that Netrebko allows these things only in Third World theaters; It seems that he also does it at the Met in New York. Directors and musicians protest, until she comes out on stage, starts singing and the problems are over. With or without rehearsals, she seems to have it all in her head and body ”.



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