Coronavirus: after the alarm by Eduardo Salvio, the tests brought calm to the National Team

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At night it was officially reported that all the tests for Covid-19 to the players and the campus were negative.

The tranquility came late at night, after a control raised the doubt whether Lionel Scaloni would have a new drop in the National Team. The question had been installed on the afternoon of this Tuesday at the AFA property in Ezeiza, when Eduardo Salvio tested positive for Covid-19 in one of the tests that were carried out on all those mentioned and was isolated. Just a few hours later, the results of the swabs brought reassurance.

The official Twitter account of the National Team reported that they had received “the results of the tests carried out to date are the same in their entirety (players, coaching staff and staff) negative”. Thus, the possibility that the Everything disaffected.

The player himself later echoed the news. With just a few emoticons on his social networks, he expressed his joy at the new result of the tests.

A strong version that circulated after noon indicated that Salvio had tested positive and that the Boca forward had been subjected to a new control to finish defining your situation.

The curious thing in this case was that the This had been one of those infected in the outbreak that occurred on campus xeneize weeks before resuming activity in the Copa Libertadores. Salvio was always asymptomatic and was discharged on September 12, the same day that his partner Esteban Andrada also received him, although he had presented some symptoms such as fever.

After that, the attacker showed off his goals to get Boca into the round of 16 and those performances ended up putting him on Scaloni’s list of summons. Salvio entered the Albiceleste concentration on Sunday night along with the other four players from the local environment: Andrada, Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel and Lucas Martínez Quarta.

All were given blood tests and swabs. According to reports, one of these results was positive in the This. Everything indicates that it was the serological test that measures antibodies, that is, if you already had the virus, it is normal for it to be reflected in the test. In Boca, for example, the last four swabs they did had given him negative.

But just in case, the medical team of the National Team had decided to keep it separate from the rest while awaiting the final results to rule out a possible new contagion.

Salvio did not participate in the group training on Tuesday. With this new result, he will have no problem staying on the squad and being part of both games: this Thursday against Ecuador (9:10 pm at Bombonera) and Tuesday the 13th against Bolivia (at 5:00 pm in La Paz).

It would have been very strange for him to be infected with coronavirus again so shortly after contracting it. However, nothing was ruled out and that is why it was necessary to wait for details from the AFA.

“It is an enormous joy to return to the National Team. A great satisfaction. After so many months, after all we went through this pandemic, being able to resume football and having a call-up for me is enormous happiness. to the work that one has been doing, so I take it with great happiness and optimism “, the blue and yellow striker had expressed when entering the National Team house.

Scaloni had already disaffected two players on Tuesday. One was Juan Musso, who will have to undergo surgery for a torn meniscus in his right knee and has already traveled back to Italy. Instead he was called urgently Jeremiah Ledesma, actually in Cádiz, who will depart from Spain to join the concentration in Ezeiza. The other who left the venue was Giovani Lo Celso, due to a muscle injury to his right thigh that he brought from England.



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