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Coronavirus: a noisy crowd said goodbye to the nights in Paris before the start of the curfew


The measure begins this Friday at 9:00 p.m. and until 6:00 a.m., as the last measure to stop the advance of the virus.

It looked like a street in Mumbai. A noisy and masked crowd said goodbye to the Paris nights on Thursday before the arrival of the curfew, which begins this Friday at nine at night, in the Bastille district. Everyone wanted to enjoy the freedom to return home in the middle of the morning and not comply with the restriction of staying in their homes between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., in the latest attempt by the French government to control the coronavirus. The government reported at the same time that there were 30,000 new cases in 24 hours.

At the corner of rue de Lappe, Emmanuel and his friends were organizing to participate in another “clandestine party” nearby, that the government wants to put an end to this extreme measure, which was successfully applied in French Guyana.

Along with the “raves” illegal in the Bois de Boulogne or Vincennes and the excesses of believing that the virus no longer existed in the past summer holidays, are one of the reasons for this exponential growth of the Covid 19 in Paris.

A new life will be launched. Parisians and the inhabitants of seven other cities in France on maximum health alert will have to adapt during the next six weeks, until December 1.

Restaurants, theaters, cinemas, theater halls and sports halls will have to lower the curtain at 9pm. Only restaurants with “take away” will remain open. A brutal economic blow but also a new reorganization so as not to lose everything: eat earlier, change the show times, and receive financial assistance from the government for losses.

The virus began to duplicate exponentially in the last 10 days. On Thursday he reached an alarming figure: 30,000 cases in one day, never seen since leaving the confinement.

The government believes that the second wave has reached the country fiercely and it does not want to repeat the mistakes of the first: it has divided the hospitals in two. 50 percent of the beds are dedicated to Covid but the other 50 percent will be used to care for cancer patients, postponed major cardiological, oncological or trauma operations, all interrupted during the first wave.

With this unusual measure they try to lower the hospital pressure, with a medical and nursing service Exhausted and discouraged by the second wave. In the Parisian hospital de la Salpêtrière, only two Covid beds remain out of a total of 56. The system is on the edge Again from the collapse and the harsh days of winter have not yet begun. The government anticipates the peak for October 23 and the weeks that follow.

The french they hate the idea of ​​a curfew but 82 percent approve it, according to a poll by the newspaper Le Figaro. For them, it is linked to the memory of the Second World War during the Nazi occupation. But this time it’s tied to the state of sanitary emergency, maximum health alert, which the government imposed since this Friday.

From Saturday to December 1 the parties are overIn weddings, in restaurants no more than six people can sit together, with the separation of a chair between two in the places where one sits. Added to the “protective gestures” – washing hands with gel, not touching the face, wearing a mask – is the need to limit social contacts, which are the origin of the great pollution in France.

“You have to reduce the number of people you meet in a circle of coexistence, at home or wherever you approach, without a mask and where you lose the reflection of protective gestures. The risk is very high, ”said Prime Minister Jean Castex, explaining the pedagogy of the curfew.

This is the government’s priority. His epidemiological models show that, if he does not adopt this measure, in the middle of October they could find 5,000 Covid patients in intensive care. The closing of bars was not enough. They had to advance on privacy of people to stop it and not overwhelm the hospital.

A Paris without kisses in the capital of kiss and love. Even with masks you cannot kiss. Margot Bayart, Vice President of the French General Practitioners Union, explains that the birthdays they are extremely dangerous. There may be contaminants on the table who do not know it and infect everyone.

Must avoid snacks, so fashionable in the capital, and not to see the grandparents to avoid contaminating them. “The epidemic is like a fire in the forest. You have to separate the trees as much as possible, one from the other, “he described.

The imagination began to fly among the young Parisians. As in Chile in full curfew during the military dictatorship: “touch to touch parties” or “Pajama Party” as an alternative, as in Beirut during the bombings. Happen the night at friends’ house if the meal is prolonged despite the restrictions. As President Emmanuel Macron said: “It is very difficult to be 20 years old in 2020 ”, in the middle of the pandemic.

The schedules of the French are going to change: to eat with friends on the weekends the appointment it will be “American”: at half past six in the afternoon to be able to finish before curfew or at noon. The owners of theaters and cinemas have moved up the sessions to adapt to this strange “new normal”.


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