President of the United States Donald Trump plans to take part in the second election debate on October 15 in Miami, Florida. According to his latest Twitter updates, Trump claims to be doing well. The president also tells his Twitter followers that he is waiting for his second election debate with his opponent Joe Biden with anticipation.

The first election debate of the presidential candidates was seen last week in Cleveland, Ohio.

The second debate uses the so-called town hall format, ie questions are mainly asked by members of the public.

– It’s going to be marvellous! writes Trump on his Twitter account

Trump’s return from Walter Reed Military Hospital has shaken the world. President Trump was hospitalized last Friday after suffering from coronavirus COVID-19 disease. The infection was also reported to the public on Friday.

The second day of the debate will be 13 days after Trump was told he became infected with the coronavirus. Director of the U.S. Institute of Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci says CNN: where, that Trump’s disease could turn for the worse. This is also confirmed by the US Office of Infectious Diseases in its instructions. People with coronavirus disease are at risk of developing the disease severely, especially in the second week after becoming ill.

“The problem is that he’s still in the early stages of the disease, and it’s no secret that sometimes in the course of human disease, there is a turnaround at five or eight days,” Fauci tells CNN.

What is the actual state of health?

There is little information to outsiders about the actual state of health of the president. The public has mainly been given only basic information about fever.

During the hospital, however, Trump received twice as much supplemental oxygen, but doctors said Trump no longer has difficulty breathing. Because of this, he was able to recover at the White House.

On Twitter, however, many have noticed that while standing at the White House on Tuesday night, Trump seemed to be having trouble breathing. The matter was commented on Twitter, for example, by a US virus expert Dena Grayson.

“Trump seems to have trouble breathing, which is worrying for a coronary patient,” writes Grayson.