In the United States, the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeded a grim mark on Tuesday as the number of victims hurt more than 200,000. According to a Johns Hopkins University counter following the disease, the exact number of coronary deaths in the U.S. is now 200,807. 921 new deaths were recorded on Tuesday.

The United States is by far the worst affected country in the world in terms of casualties in terms of casualties. Brazil, next on the list, has more than 60,000 fewer deaths.

In terms of population, the U.S. has the 11th highest number of victims in the world. About 21 percent of the world’s corona deaths have occurred in the country, even though just over 4 percent of the world’s population lives in the United States.

Coronary infections in the United States were reported on Tuesday, 6,897,432.


President Donald Trump briefly commented on the recent casualty figure to reporters on his way to a campaign event in the state of Pennsylvania.

– It’s a shame, Trump began.

– If we had not dealt with the matter properly and correctly, we would have two and a half million dead, he continued.

Experts actually estimated in March that if the administration completely threw its gloves on the counter in terms of coronary action, the number of casualties in the U.S. could rise to about 2.2 million. At the time, however, Trump himself set the threshold for the success of his administration, which now seems to have been crossed.

“If we can keep the number down, one hundred thousand – which is a terrible number – maybe even lower, or if we have 100,000 to 200,000 deaths, we’ve all done a really good job together,” Trump spun in March.

More than 150 concerned medical experts, meanwhile, issued an open letter in July in which it was feared that the 200,000 deaths would be exceeded “by early November”.

President Trump has repeatedly downplayed the danger posed by the coronavirus and, among other things, promised the disease would only “miraculously disappear”. Last Monday, Trump banged the virus on his supporters in Ohio.

– It affects the elderly, the elderly with heart problems and other ailments. They are really affected. In some states, to thousands of people – but not to any young. Not much to anyone under the age of 18. They have strong resistance, Trump said.

– But it [virus] does not affect virtually anyone. That’s a wonderful thing.

Admittedly, according to a recording released in September, Trump knew about the mortality of the coronavirus as early as February.

Blaming China

Commenting on gloomy borderline laundry on Tuesday, Trump also referred to his speech to the UN General Assembly, in which he again accused China of spreading the coronavirus.

– China should have stopped it [virus] to its limit, Trump told reporters.

He also shifted responsibility for the number of victims in the United States to China.

– It’s a horrible thing, and it should never have happened. China let it happen, remember that, Trump decided and got on his helicopter.

Early in the pandemic, Trump banned travel to the United States from China and most of Europe. News channel CNN points out, however, that there were a number of exceptions to the restrictions, as, for example, US citizens and residence permit holders were still allowed to travel between regions.

According to official figures, no new corona deaths have been reported in China since mid-May, when the number of victims was recorded at 4,634. The number of new infections in China has remained for a maximum of a few tens of days for weeks. Admittedly, the accuracy of China’s interest rates has already been questioned in the spring.