In Liège, Belgium, doctors have been asked to come to work even if they have a confirmed coronary infection. He tells about it BBC.

Work should be continued if the doctor is asymptomatic despite the infection. The reason is that otherwise there are not enough doctors to treat an increasing number of patients.

The guidelines have been introduced in ten hospitals.

Director of the Belgian Medical Association Philippe Devos tells the BBC there is no other option if the collapse of the hospital system is to be prevented in just a few days.

Devos acknowledges that the approach involves an obvious risk of infection for patients.

– The situation is catastrophic, Devos said earlier To the Washington Post.

There is a particularly bad corona situation in Liège. Every third corona test turns out to be positive.

Hospitals are relocating patients and non-urgent surgeries are postponed.

According to the Washington Post, in addition to doctors, there is a shortage of police and teachers in Liège due to quarantine.

Belgian Minister for Health Frank Vandenbroucke has warned of a “tsunami” of infections and a situation where the authorities no longer have “control” of the situation.

Liège also has a night curfew.