Singer Corina Chiriac posted a controversial message on Facebook. The singer told fans that she is defending herself from Covid-19 with an old-fashioned cure. Moreover, the artist photographed herself in some unexpected poses, to show exactly how it is done.

“My dear ones, because we are in the cold season, I want to remind you of an ageless cure that I practice and which is an excellent AntiCovid. A cold is a hypothermia, so we must first reheat the body.

If our nose is already running, it stings our eyes and holds our back muscles, we need to warm our head.
Here’s how I heal and what “secrets” I use, “the artist wrote on Facebook.

Corina Chiriac explained step by step how she does her treatment

“In the evening, after ventilating, I boil water in a saucepan with mint leaves, lavender or tea leaves. I add aspirin to the hot water and make sure it melts.

I apply the cream around my eyes and on my face, I tie myself with a cotton scarf because I will sweat and I make friends for a few minutes with the hot water temperature.

I cover myself with a large, thick towel, then lean over the hot water. I stay above the water for 30, 40 minutes. I inhale through my nose and mouth, one at a time. At over 56 degrees, the corona virus dies. Optionally I listen to relaxing music during this time and I can only imagine beautiful states …

Finally, I dry my hair, change my headscarf with a hat and put a dry towel around my neck. I sleep as comfortably as possible, in a heated room (electric radiator ?!) and the next day I try not to go out in the cold. If necessary, repeat the procedure the following evening. Be well “, wrote Corina Chiriac.

Corina Chiriac’s anti-Covid cure, criticized by doctor Mihail Pautov

“Since yesterday, Corina Chiriac’s anti-Covid babesc cure, based on steam inhalation, has been circulating on the Internet.

Ever since I heard about it, I remembered how our mother used to make us, when we cooled down in winter, the pot of hot water in which she threw dried linden flowers and chamomile tea sachets and made me inhale for a maximum of 5-6 minutes. I clearly remember that after this procedure I felt better, my nose was decongested, and I seemed to be sleeping better. At first sight, nothing unusual “, says the doctor.

Dr. Mihai Pautov explains what is wrong with the method used by the artist:

1. There are no studies showing any beneficial effect of inhaling steam with aspirin. Moreover, there are no studies to prove that this technique is safe. This is a “minefield” that is good not to step on. In fact, any advice from a non-physician regarding the use of medication should be treated with caution and skepticism.

2. It is unhealthy to inhale hot steam for more than 5 minutes / session.

3. The room should not be heated, whether or not you have a cold; the ideal temperature in the room where you sleep is 19-21 degrees Celsius.

4. The “Corona virus” will not die from hot steam; faster we will burn / burn our respiratory mucous membranes.

5. It is ok to go out in the cold and let your body adapt, as long as you are well dressed.