Corina Chiriac was present today by telephone at the show Live Thought, where he talked about his life during the pandemic, presenting his views on the current figures of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania.

“I am one of those people who thinks that the numbers are inflated. Here we are entering into a controversy, it is a Pandora’s Box that I do not want to open. It is important to be informed of everything little by little. Being self-taught is not a shame, it is a pride, my father said. ” said the artist, who also confessed that she misses her friends.

“I miss my friends during this time. With some I see myself, in particular, two or three, safely. I miss the Romanian shoe, sitting on the floor. I am afraid that human society may collapse at certain times due to isolation. I’m not afraid of myself, I believe in God. If my bell rings, I’ll leave anyway. I also believe in successive lives. ”

“Communism, a baby with a pacifier in his mouth compared to modern times”

Corina Chiriac continued: “Communism was a baby with a pacifier in its mouth compared to the current times, I dare say that, because I lived those times and I know what was good and bad. In these times, if at first my house was a prison, being over 65 years old, later my house became a shelter ”.

The artist also said a few words about her current condition: “I am fine, with God’s help. I thought about what to tell you, useful… For me this period was beneficial. I had Archimandrite Papacioc as my clergyman. I went through a very big depression 20 years ago, because of some troubles, I was very upset, my parents died, there were more troubles. “