Copa Libertadores: which teams can qualify for the round of 16 this week

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There are four who are one step away. In addition, there are two Argentine teams that would be very close to going to the round with a win.

Only four teams they can seal the pass to the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores on the fourth date, which begins this Tuesday. None of them are Argentine: of the teams in our country, only two could be virtually classified. Both Boca and Racing, with a victory on this date, would be very close to reaching the next stage.

Accounts are closed to Independent of the Valley from Ecuador (group A), Palmeiras from Brazil (group B), Nacional de Montevideo (group F) and Santos from Brazil (group G). The first three have ideal score, with three games won, and with a new victory they would be in the next phase. For his part, Santos needs a combination of results: in addition to winning, he needs to lose Defense and Justice.

Of the 5 Argentine teams that play the tournament, Boca is the best positioned. Add 7 points, is leader of group H (Freedom has 6; Caracas, 4; e Independent Medellin, 0) and on Thursday he will play with the result between Caracas and Libertad, which they will do on Wednesday. If Caracas loses, Russo’s team with three more points would take him 6 ahead with 6 at stake, so he would be virtually classified. Then, he would only need a draw against Libertad at home on Tuesday 29 to secure his place in the round of 16. And he would still have the chance to equalize against the Venezuelans in the closing of the group, in the Bombonera.

Racing, despite the defeat against Nacional (9 points), is on the right track. And like Boca, on Wednesday it can be 6 points ahead of Merida students (3 points), which this Tuesday will receive in Venezuela Handbag. If the Uruguayan team wins, they will qualify, and if the Academia celebrate before Lima Alliance (0 points) in Peru, will achieve a decisive distance.

River (4 points) played a great role in San Pablo but needs to add three points in a group, D, which is very tight. In the Monumental, he beat Binacional (3) 8-0 and this Tuesday he will face him in Lima, since he avoided playing at the height of Juliaca, at 3825 meters above sea level. At the same time, Liga de Quito (6) and San Pablo (4) will play and a victory for the Ecuadorians would allow Gallardo’s team, winning in Peru, to detach from the São Paulo team and be better positioned for the last two dates.

Defense is going for the miracle, as Hernán Crespo, his coach, said. After having lost in the first two dates, before Dolphin he added his first three points. He needs to win again in Florencio Varela against Olympiad (5 points) this Wednesday to overcome it by one point and move to second place. Of course: a defeat would leave the Hawk practically no chances. Santos, meanwhile, has 7 points and if he beats Delfín (1 point) he will be classified if the Argentine team also loses.

Tiger It is the most complicated Argentine team: they lost the first three games. What do you need? Win the next three, that Guaraní (6 points) does not win and that Bolívar (3 points) does not add more than five points. If he loses this Tuesday with the Bolivian team in Victoria, he will be eliminated. The leader is Palmeiras, with 9.

In group A, without Argentines, if Independiente del Valle wins, they qualify, as said. And if he ties, he will be on the edge. Ecuadorians have 9 points, Flamengo, 6, Junior, 3 and Barcelona of Guayaquil closes without stitches.

In group C there is nothing defined: Athletico Paranaense and Colo-Colo have 6 points (they play against each other), while Jorge Wilsterman and Peñarol have 3 (they also face each other).

Finally, in group E, the best positioned is Inter, which if this Wednesday defeats Gremio in the Porto Alegre classic will be at the gates of the round of 16. Inter has 7 points, Guild 4, and America and Catholic University, 3.



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