Copa Libertadores: River travels to Peru with the idea of ​​not touching anything and the ratification of a battered headline

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Among the eleven against Binacional will be even Angileri, who against San Pablo suffered a problem in his right shoulder. Also Pratto travels, recovered.

River will travel to Peru this Monday with the idea of ​​not touching anything. By giving negative all the swabs that were made on Saturday, Marcelo Gallardo will be able to repeat the team that went out to play from the beginning on Thursday against Saint Paul at Morumbí. And since he was satisfied with the performance of his players, his intention is that the same eleven players are before Binational, on Tuesday in Lima for the fourth date of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, which resumed last week after a six-month stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even among the eleven holders will be Fabrizio Angileri. The left-back suffered a sprain to his right shoulder, the result of a fall late in the game against the Brazilians. He felt a very strong pain, but as the hours passed, it subsided. If necessary, he will be infiltrated, but the game will not be lost.

With Milton Helmet Still recovering from coronavirus, Gallardo doesn’t have many variants. Could play Paulo Díaz in that sector but the Chilean is not a natural “3”. As for Casco, the left back would return to training this Monday, on the 11th day since the contagion was known, but he will not travel to Peru. He will be available to play against San Pablo on the Independiente court, on Wednesday 30th. On the other hand, Lucas Pratto, already recovered from a strained right hamstring, will travel and go to the substitute bench.

If it is the same that played against San Pablo, the team to face Binacional will be: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Angileri; Ignacio Fernández, Enzo Pérez, Nicolás De La Cruz; Julián Álvarez, Rafael Borré and Matías Suárez. The team will train this Monday at 11 am at the RiverCamp and at 3 pm it will travel to Lima by charter flight from Ezeiza airport. You will be staying at the Hilton Miraflores hotel and will return after the game.

Gallardo was satisfied with what his team did at Morumbí after six months without playing. Of course it will try to make adjustments. For example, in the coordination of movements, especially in defense. San Pablo’s draw came after Gonzalo Montiel rushed forward and Angileri got hooked and empowered his rivals. And the play ended in a goal after the Mendoza took the ball ahead after Armani’s save.

The Gallardo staff are so satisfied with the football and physical performance of the players that they do not even worry about the short recovery time. Between one game and another there are only five days. And two trips. From the coaching staff they assured that in four days the players are recovered and that with having five days there is no drama. The response of the players, logically, will be seen on the field.

In addition, River got rid of the inconvenience of playing at height, at 3,825 meters above sea level in Juliaca. Almost a month ago, the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) denied Binational the possibility of continuing to compete in their locality because the coronavirus case curve had grown a lot in that city. And he assured that the club was not in a position to organize matches. So he had to move to Lima, which has been hosting all the matches of the local tournament in Peru.

The Nacional stadium will be the setting in which Binacional, a team that River thrashed 8-0 at the Monumental before the stoppage due to the pandemic, will be the local. There, River will look for a triumph that will lead him to the classification.



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