Copa Libertadores: Racing plays hard to stay with the first place in the group

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In Estudiantes de Mérida, 6 players tested positive again in the swabs, but they are no longer transmitters of Covid-19 because more than 10 days have passed since the contagion.

The Copa Libertadores is an old obsession of Racing. He could only conquer it in that unforgettable 1967, just before Nacional, the rival with whom he will fight for the first place in Group F. While the Uruguayans will receive Lima Alliance, the Academia will play this Wednesday, from 19.15, in the Cylinder. Opposite will be Merida students, which arrived in the country in the midst of some doubts and much controversy: part of your campus is infected with coronavirus.

“Almost 70% of the delegation that traveled to Peru to play with Lima Alliance it tested positive for Covid-19, but we already met the times. 24 players were going to travel, but there were five who could not fly ”, explained Martín Brignani, the Mar del Plata coach of the Venezuelan team.

As he could find out Clarion, of the 19 players who landed in Buenos Aires, only 6 tested positive again in the swab to which they were subjected at the Ezeiza Airport.

However, as the Conmebol protocol that was approved by the Ministry of Health, after ten days they are no longer transmitters of the virus, no matter how much the PCR finds traces in the saliva. For this reason, there was no need to isolate those affected.

A similar situation happened in the previous one of Libertad-Boca. Paraguay admitted entry under the same conditions that Venezuelans entered Argentina at this time. Even so, they only traveled to Asunción with tests negatives.

“We played on September 30 in Lima. On October 1, the cases were confirmed, so we are on time. The Qualifiers saved us. If the match with Racing had been 10 days earlier, we would not have been able to participate ”, added Brignani.

The Conmebol Regulations are very clear. With a bona fide list of 50 surnames, with presenting 7 players reached. If Estudiantes de Mérida had not been able to meet this requirement, the walkover and a result of 3 to 0 in favor of Racing.

“The contagion should be dealt with by the health authorities, those in charge of Conmebol and the club. We don’t want to put energy there because everything plays out in the unconscious. The only thing we can manage is the control of the collective functioning ”, said Sebastián Beccacece in the virtual conference.

The Racing coach did not define the team. Gabriel Arias He returned from Chile with an annoyance, but he is already better and will start. Will Lisandro López return to the title? Beccacece did not rule out playing with two “9s” because “good players complement each other.” Then, the blue and white symbol and captain will share the attack with Nicolás Reniero. There is a Paraguayan doubt: Matías Rojas or Lorenzo Melgarejo.



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