Copa Libertadores 2020: Marcelo Gallardo eagerly awaits the result of the swabs in River to travel to San Pablo

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The team trained this morning and the Doll does not want surprises to be able to diagram Thursday’s game.

This Monday will be a marathon for River. A day in which Marcelo Gallardo will have to define some football issues in his head, ahead of Wednesday’s trip to Brazil, where on Thursday he will visit São Paulo at the resumption of the Copa Libertadores.

Many of the decisions made by the coach will depend on the results of the swabs that were performed on the players and assistants, who appeared at the River Camp without symptoms, prior to starting work in Ezeiza and will be known only during the night.

Is that the presence of some positive in the campus, as happened last Friday with Milton Helmet, would lead to a major problem.

They cut nails in River. The latest communication from Conmebol to expand the quotas from 40 to 50 on the list in good faith does not seem to have changed the scenario for Gallardo and company, who until Saturday decided to present a list of just 29 footballers, without Juanfer Quintero, with the inclusion of Jorge Moreira and some youths who had already been training with the First team.

If he Doll You change your mind during these hours and you want to add those 10 additional players (that is, the list would close at 39), you must report it before 18. That is, you will have to define it before knowing what the tests will yield.

With Covid-19 positive helmet and isolated, with Borré and Suárez as the only attacking pair -Alvarez would be a midfielder today and the kids Beltrán and Girotti- would be on the bench- and even without having been able to play formal football, Gallardo has a limited squad and with a replacement that appears as a real unknown.

Now, ahead he will have two other practices – in groups, as they had been doing – prior to boarding on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., on an Aerolineas Argentinas charter flight, to São Paulo.

And what River would be analyzing is the possibility that after Wednesday morning training there will be a group lunch and rest in a hotel in the area prior to the flight, although at the moment it was not officially confirmed.

This Monday will be long for River and with many important issues to resolve. Much of it will depend on the results they receive from the Rossi Clinic on the PCR swabs. Gallardo hopes to have a peaceful night …



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