Copa Libertadores 2020: Caracas beat Libertad Ramón Díaz and Boca’s group is red hot

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The locals recovered from a bad start and won 2 to 1 over the end, in a very close match. The Argentine team remains the leader and plays this Thursday with DIM.

Boca did not want him to win Freedom, because it happened again in the table of Group H of the Copa Libertadores. But neither that he did Caracas, since the cup books indicate that it is never advisable to have three teams crowded together fighting for two places. The tie that seemed sung was the best for Miguel Russo and his team, but the Venezuelans came back and won 2-1 over the end against Ramón Díaz’s team, which now has two losses in a row.

The Argentine team continues as zone leader with 7 points and a goal difference of +5, against the +1 of Caracas with the same units. This Thursday they will be measured against the DIM to catch up.

Libertad was somewhat superior during the first half, from the need to add three points after the defeat against Boca and the proposal of Caracas, too withdrawn in the field of play.

The Paraguayan team was shown at times with a line of three and also with many people in the midfield, but with disorder to advance and reach the rival goal. The clearest was Abecasis, taking advantage of the highway that was left on the right side. And the award came to 44, after a good play between Ferreira and Espinoza that ended 1-0.

The Venezuelan team reacted in the second half, finding themselves at a disadvantage, and reached the draw immediately, thanks to an incredible hand from Cardozo, which led to the penalty goal by Echeverría, who had just entered.

Not satisfied with what he saw on the pitch, Ramón Díaz looked for the five changes before 25 minutes and managed to get the local back against his goal, but without clarity, with some center or shot from outside that he demanded from goalkeeper Beycker Velásquez .

But when it comes to changes, it was better for Noel Sanvicente, the successful Venezuelan coach. Echeverría’s entry had already paid off with the equal goal and Saúl Guarirapa, 17, jumped onto the pitch at 39 and made it 2-1 at 42.

To give his team the second victory in the Cup and the top with Boca. And another blow for Ramón Díaz’s Libertad.


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