He Kun Agüero has been at the center of the debate on social networks after a controversial action who starred in the match between Manchester City and Arsenal, in which the cityzens won 1-0 with a goal from Sterling in the 23rd minute. However, what is most talked about about the Etihad game is about Agüero’s touch to the linesman.

In the 42nd minute, the Argentine protested the referee’s decision to concede a questionable throw-in for the Gunners, and lightly grabbed her by the shoulder, who, uncomfortable, tried to get rid of the forward with a wave of his arm. A touch that has generated a lot of commotion in social networks, condemning Kun.

The media that were present at the Pep Guardiola post-match press conference. The Spanish was asked about Agüero’s gesture and did not hesitate to defend his star player. “Let’s go guys, Sergio is the kindest person I have ever met in my life. Look for problems in other situations, not in this one, “Guardiola responded.

However, different personalities have also wanted to pronounce themselves, such as Ian Wright, historic Arsenal forward, who described the gesture as “unnecessary” and “condescending”. Chris Foy, a former referee, also wanted to break a trick in favor of the Argentine.

“As long as this is done courteously and not in an aggressive or confrontational manner, no need for a referee to act. The norms establish that it is not unusual for the players to come into contact with the referees, “he said, giving a legal framework to judge Agüero’s gesture.