Controversy: Donald Trump said the election result will be resolved in the Supreme Court

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That’s why he is rushing to fill the vacancy left by Ruth Ginsburg with a new member of the Conservative wing.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, admitted on Wednesday the reasons for his urgency to appoint the successor to Justice Ruth Ginsburg in the Supreme Court. He affirmed his belief that the presidential elections of November 3 they will end up in litigation and he must define the winner in the Supreme Court, hence he wants to cement a majority in his favor to guarantee the result.

“I think this will end up in the Supreme Court and I think it is important that we have nine judges, “Trump said in statements to the press.

The president, as part of his campaign because the democrat Joe Biden surpasses it in surveys, has been periodically alerting about a possible electoral fraud. He points out that it would be due to voting by mail, which is a normal modality in the United States, and even the head of state himself votes that way. But this year, due to the coronavirus, voting by mail will have a much higher volume and will be the channel that will be used especially by the young voter who is mostly critical of this president.

The White House said Trump will announce his choice of Supreme Court justice this Saturday. The relay will not have the profile of Judge Ginsburg, a leader in the fight for equality between men and women and against discrimination. The transcended confirm that it will be succeeded by another woman but with an eminently conservative profile. In this way the liberal wing will lose weight in the Court that will remain at a level of 6-3 that even the president of the Court cannot break.

Ginsburg, 87, one of nine Supreme Court justices and a liberal backed by Trump’s Democratic rivals, died on September 18 complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer.

The decision of Trump and his Republican party to rush and take their seats six weeks before the presidential elections is being strongly questioned by Democrats who argue that President Barack Obama he had been prevented from doing the same when another court judge, the celebrated conservative Antonin Scalia passed away in 2016, almost a year after the election.

Trump has not provided evidence of the possible fraud he denounces, but has advanced that he is not willing to acknowledge his defeat should it occur. If the election ends up very tight in the results for the Electoral College, it is likely that the two applicants will be recognized as winners. Mail-in votes will take time to accumulate, and if he gave Biden an advantage, Trump anticipates he would not recognize it.

If the conflict is raised, it is the Supreme Court that must define the winner as happened in the vote between Republican George Bush and Democrat Al Gore who faced each other in 2000 over the confusing vote in Florida, a key state that gathers 29 votes for the Electoral College in the indirect system in force in the United States.

As the differences were very narrow and the result of the vote count was not clear, which had to be done manually, the conflict was settled by the Supreme Court at that time. in favor of Bush thus beginning the first of his two periods in power.

The point that urges Trump is that the outlook for these elections is not clear. In the general vote Biden goes ahead and is head to head with the president precisely in Florida and in other states considered swing, because they vary from one party to another in each election.

It is worth remembering that in the legislative pasts in which the Democrats took control of the Chamber of Deputies, Trump also became involved in allegations of fraud.

Source: AP, AFP and Clarín



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