The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, has sent a letter this Wednesday to the presidents of the 25 football clubs of First Y Monday who have signed advertising contracts for the next few years with betting companies to warn them to extinguish them at the end of the season.

This has been reported to Efe by sources close to the department headed by Garzón, who has also informed them in the letter that his Ministry will bring to the Council of Ministers in the coming days the royal decree that will regulate the advertising of the game. Sources of the Council of State have also indicated to Efe that this advisory body of the Government delivered his opinion on the royal decree on the 20th.

And, according to the sources of Consumption, the Council of State has indicated next August 30 as the date for the entry into force of the ban on current sponsorships as an immediate cancellation with the 2020-2021 season already started could lead to bankruptcy of various sports projects.

Garzón’s letter comes after several of the clubs requested moratoriums of up to three years -similar to those of the entry into force of tobacco advertising- in order to continue exhibiting their sponsorship.

Twenty-five clubs have received the letter, but the rest of the First and Second Division entities have also been sent another informative letter, according to the same sources.