“The funeral will take place on Wednesday, July 22, at the Annunciation Cemetery (near the South Square). The body was laid to rest on Monday, July 20, at the cemetery chapel. The funeral will be in a small setting – only with family members “, announces the Romanian Filmmakers Union.

A graduate of the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute (1949), Constantin Pivniceru had a 57-year career in cinematography. He participated in the design and commissioning of the Film Production Center in Buftea, where he held various management positions.

Since 1952, specialist in film film processing in laboratories in Romania, he has worked as head of the film processing laboratory (1954-63), head of technical service (1963-65), production director of the studio (1965-68), director Deputy General (1968-70). He contributed to the improvement of the “Agfacolor” film processing process and introduced the KODAK “Eastman-color” process in Romania.

From 1970 to 1989, general manager of the “Bucharest” Film Production Center – Buftea and deputy general manager of the “Romania-Film” Central. He contributed technically and organizationally to the realization of over 450 feature films and TV series, black and white and color, produced in our country or in collaboration with other studios in France, England, Germany, USSR, Hungary, Czechoslovakia or Italy.

Specializations at “Mosfilm” studios – USSR (1954); “Pinewood” – England (1965); “Hollywood” -SUA (1970); “Bavaria Film” -RFG (1970) and AGFA and KODAK. Since 1963, university teaching activity at the Institute of Theater and Cinematography “IL Caragiale” Bucharest, professor since 1977.

Author of five specialized books, translated works in the field, published over 300 studies, articles and essays dedicated to film, participated in over 50 national and international events, promoting Romanian film production. He gave papers at the UNIATEC (Union Internationale de Téchnique Cinématografique) congresses – in Milan (1964) and Brussels (1968).

The filmmaker Constantin Pivniceru supported the establishment of the Filmmakers ‘Association, and after 1990 he participated decisively in the development and functioning of the Romanian Filmmakers’ Union.