Constant fatigue: causes and treatment

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Are you constantly tired? GALA explains the causes of constant tiredness and what you can do about it.

Not only in the evening but also during the day are you constantly tired? How does your tiredness relate to your performance? Do you also feel listless and plagued by great displeasure?

Fatigue in itself is not a disease. How much sleep a person needs is very different. Some people need a lot of sleep, others get by with less sleep.
If you are constantly tired and just nod off every now and then, you should definitely give your body a break. Keep an eye on constant fatigue as it can be an indication that your body is lacking certain nutrients. But it can also be that your body is defending itself against an incipient infection or that a serious illness is the reason for the constant tiredness.

Constant tiredness: that could be behind it

Constant fatigue can have many causes. The main causes are chronic lack of sleep, overwork, stress, and physical and mental exertion. But also lack of exercise or fluid, fatty and high-calorie food, overweight, diets, underweight, gastrointestinal diseases, malnutrition, alcohol, medication, poorly ventilated work rooms, burnout as well as toxins and pollutants in the environment are possible causes.

Constant tiredness is by no means to be taken lightly, because It can also – but does not have to – be caused by serious illnesses. The list of these is long. Infection with bacteria or viruses, metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders, anemia, cancer, other chronic physical diseases such as heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, migraines, low blood pressure or sleep apnea syndrome (sleep-related breathing disorder) are some of these diseases.

Now you should go to the doctor

Fatigue is perfectly normal as long as it doesn’t happen all the time or for a long time. It is a signal from the body that it needs a break. If your constant tiredness does not stop despite sufficient sleep, relaxation and exercise in the fresh air, you should definitely consult a doctor to rule out any illnesses as the cause.

If your physical and mental performance in everyday life and / or at work is severely impaired by the attacks of tiredness, if the constant tiredness remains without being replaced by waking phases or if you become tired without having made too much effort, then a visit to the doctor is also recommended.

Symptoms come like dry mucous membranes, night sweats, blood in the stool, severe thirst or swollen lymph nodes In addition, the constant tiredness can indicate a serious illness. Health Infobox

The visit to the doctor

In an initial consultation, the doctor will ask about your medical history in order to get to the bottom of the cause of the constant tiredness. Be open and honest about this so that the doctor can help you.

Possible questions about constant fatigue could be:

  • How severe is the tiredness?
  • Does the constant tiredness affect you in everyday life?
  • How well and how long do you sleep at night?
  • Have you had an infection recently?

After taking the medical history, a physical exam will be done to examine your lymph, heart, and airways, among other things. A blood test, a blood glucose test, an electrocardiography (EKG) and an examination in the sleep laboratory with recording of the brain waves (EEG) can also be carried out.


Treatment is determined based on the cause. Your constant tiredness is at one infection the tiredness usually disappears on its own after a few days.

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Severe iron deficiency can support constant tiredness and cause brittle nails. At Anemia Iron-rich foods such as whole grains, beetroot and nuts often help. EisenpräparateOften prescribed by the doctor will help you eliminate the deficiency.
Becomes anemia by one Deficiency in folic acid or vitamin B12 triggered, also help accordingly Food supplements.Vitamin B12-Kapseln Amazon API

Do you suffer from one Hypothyroidism, hormonal supplements are the best solution for you. Those affected usually have to take artificial thyroid hormones for life.

are mental illness due to constant tiredness, regular exercise in combination with psychotherapy is essential.

Sleep apnea The cause of constant fatigue is often caused by being overweight. Those affected should first lose weight, because with fewer pounds, breathing is usually more regular and sleep is better. If you do without alcohol and sleep on your side, the nocturnal breathing pauses can also be less. If none of that works, they are suitable Occlusal splints, Breathing masks or surgical corrections. Bite splint Amazon API

You can do this against constant tiredness

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  • who lives according to its own internal clock, live healthier. If your night often turns into day, winter into summer, if you also work on weekends, if you have night shifts in your job, all of this is stressful for your body. Constant tiredness is inevitable in such a permanent situation!
    Try to adjust to your personal internal clock and incorporate small power naps, short naps, during the day. This reduces stress, recharges your own battery and protects against unnecessary, constant fatigue.
  • With a balanced, vitamin-rich and low-fat diet as well as sufficient drinking (unsweetened tea, water etc.) do something good for your body. Your well-being and energy will be increased and obesity will be avoided. However, harmful influences such as alcohol and nicotine weaken it. Avoid this at best, so as not to feel permanent fatigue as a result.
  • Regular exercise and sport keep fit, also ensure mental balance, reduce the risk of illnesses in old age, prevent weight gain and stimulate the circulation.
  • A cold shower or alternating showers get the circulation going and drive away your constant tiredness.
  • If you are looking for Relaxation exercises are to avoid stress and constant fatigue, this can give you Audio-CD help. Other helpful relaxation techniques are Yoga, Autogenes Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

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