Chief waiter at a fine restaurant in Chicago Frank Brown has been giving its face to the Uncle Ben’s rice brand since the 1940s.

According to rice brand owner Mars Food, the image is meant to depict an imaginary black Texas rice farmer known for his high quality products. There is no real example of a rice package mannequin.

Anti-racism demonstrations and debates have sparked many attempts and Mars Food also announced as early as June that it intends to change the brand of its rice.

New name announced

On Wednesday, the company announced a new name. Uncle Ben’s is hereafter Ben’s Original.

– In the opinion of many, there were such shades in the old name that blacks are servants. This is not the kind of image we want to represent, says Mars, the world’s leading food company. Fiona Dawson CNNto.

Dawson says the company listened to its customers and employees. Based on this, it was decided to change the name.

The new Ben’s Original packaging will hit stores next year.

Eskimo new

The problem of some product brands has also been recognized in Finland. Changing the name of the Eskimo ice cream stick is being considered.

In the spring, Brunberg from Porvoo changed the packaging of his classic product Suuko. The previous box was characterized as racist. Since the spring, Suukkoja has been eaten from a box with a porch featuring the cityscape of Porvoo.