Conor McGregor has been involved in problems with the French justice after it has been arrested this Saturday on the Gallic island of Corsica accused of an alleged crime of sexual assault. This is how France Presse has explained it, referring to information from the Bastia tax office.

According to AFP, last day September, 10th a complaint was filed against the Irish fighter, suspected of sexual assault and exhibition. “Mr. Conor Anthony McGregor was the subject of a hearing by the gendarmerie services, under police custody,” the prosecution explained without giving further details about the charges.

His experience in Corsica is not being entirely pleasant for him since it is not the first conflict he has with the authorities. This same friday the irish protested on social media against the UFC and USADA, the American anti-doping agency, for a surprise check while on his yacht.

“What’s going on here, UFC? USADA just arrived at my yacht this morning for testing. I’m retired guys! But go ahead, I’ll let you do it. It’s all natural in here babe! Forever and ever, God bless you Tomorrow, 180 km across the Mediterranean Sea! LET’S GO !! “she wrote on her Twitter profile.