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Despite the political and social crisis facing his country, the Peru’s Congress prevented this Sunday from advancing in unlocking the situation by denying the election of leftist legislator Rocío Silva Santisteban as the one who would have been the first president in the country’s history.

Silva headed a list that, in principle, was announced by consensus to assume the presidency of the Legislature and, in this way, replace Manuel Merino as head of state, who resigned from both functions in the midst of the crisis generated since last Monday , when Martín Vizcarra was dismissed.

After numerous and lengthy negotiations, the list of the legislator of the Left Broad Front seemed to have everything going for her to obtain the necessary support, but when the vote was carried out, he received only 42, while 52 were cast against and 25 legislators abstained.

New list

The plenary’s decision denied the possibility of Silva Santisteban, a 57-year-old poet, journalist and activist, becoming the first woman, and the first left-wing politician, to arrive at the Government Palace in the history of Peru.

Given the rejection of this board of directors proposal, the nine seats in parliament will have to negotiate to form another consensus list which, it is expected, will be voted on this Sunday to give peace of mind to the citizens.

This is urgent because the resignation that Merino presented to the Head of State has already been accepted by the Legislature, which means that Peru currently lacks a Government.

Rejection of decision

The congressional measure immediately generated the rejection of a multitude of people who are on the outskirts of the Legislative Palace, waiting for a constitutional solution to the crisis facing Peru.

Analysts and journalists criticized Parliament for staying once again oblivious to the demands of the citizens, since last Monday he also dismissed Vizcarra despite the majority opinion against the Peruvians, which unleashed the political and social crisis in the country.

Citizens rejected the subsequent takeover of Merino, who was president of the Congress, with mass marches that were harshly repressed by the police in Lima and this Saturday left two dead and dozens injured.



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