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The state of health of the US president, Donald Trump, is “very worrying” due to the contagion by coronavirus, according to White House sources have informed the media that usually cover the presidency informationto. In addition, they have warned that “the next 48 hours will be critical.” “The vital signs of the last 24 hours have been very worrying and the next 48 hours will be critical for his condition. We are not yet on the road to a full recovery,” the source explained to the White House press group.

These statements radically contradict to the report of the medical team that treats Trump, who had appeared just a few minutes before to ensure that the president is evolving favorably. The only person in charge of the White House during the press conference of the medical team at Walter Reed National Military Hospital was the chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

Specifically, doctor Sean Conley has given the first official medical report since Friday, when Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda. “The president is very well this morning, we are extremely happy with your progress“According to the president’s doctor. The president’s medical adviser, Shaun Dooley, has assured that Trump is receiving multidisciplinary medical care,” all the functions of his organs are correct and he has no problems breathing. He is exceptionally animated, “he added. Thus, Trump” has been fever-free for 24 hours and saturates 96 percent, “a diagnosis that invites” cautious optimism, “according to Conley, who avoided giving a specific date for his return.

Back to the symptoms, Conley has specified that in the last hours Trump “had a cough and fever, but he has never had difficulty breathing,” the doctor insisted, in response to information published this morning in the US media that pointed to the contrary.

At the press conference there have been contradictory data with what was known until now, since Conley has affirmed at some point 72 hours had passed since diagnosis, which places Trump’s positive on Wednesday and not on Friday, before he traveled to Minnesota last Thursday to participate in a fundraising campaign and an outdoor rally.

Use of mask

Another member of the medical team, Brian Garibaldi, explained that the president underwent “about 48 hours ago” an experimental antibody therapy, which places its start at noon on Thursday, also before a ceremony in New Jersey. He was thus referring to the Regeneron antibody treatment.

On the other hand, this Saturday it was also announced that Donald Trump Jr., one of the tycoon’s sons, has tested negative for coronavirus. “I give myself a few more days as a precaution, I will take the test again and if it tests negative again I will return to work,” he said on his Twitter account.

He has not suffered the same fate Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who has tested positive for the disease, and therefore joins two other party senators, representatives from Utah and North Carolina Mike Lee and Thom Tillis.

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has sent this Saturday a message through social networks in which he has again insisted on the use of the mask. “The mask protects you. But it also protects those around you: your mother, your father, your children, your neighbors and your colleagues. Be a patriot, and do your part,” he said.



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