On Saturday, white-jacketed men appeared in front of Walter Reed Military Hospital to tell the president Donald Trumpin health status.

White House doctor Sean Conleylle it seemed difficult to admit that the president had received supplemental oxygen.

“She’s not getting extra oxygen right now,” Conley said.

At the meeting, Conley said the president had not received any supplemental oxygen on Friday after he arrived at the hospital.

He did not specifically rule out the possibility that the President had received additional oxygen at the White House.

Several media said White House insiders confirmed that on Friday the president had had difficulty breathing and had been treated with supplemental oxygen.

Either one spoke a modified truth

The doctors who spoke in front of the hospital thus assured the president that he was well and recovering as desired.

After the doctors had left back to the hospital, a few minutes later the White House Human Resources Manager Mark Meadows gave a much less rosy picture of the president’s situation,

– The President’s state of health over the past 24 hours has been very worrying. The next 48 hours will be critical to his recovery, Meadows told reporters.

Either the doctors or the chief of staff spoke the modified truth.

Blank paper?

Trump is told of the comments of his enraged chief of staff, from whom he was able to conclude that the president is sicker than is publicly admitted.

Within hours, he posted a video on Twitter saying he was doing well. As usual, he also boasted of his accomplishments.

Close-eyed eyes noticed that the video had been edited, perhaps to eliminate coughing.

The White House also released two photographs taken at the hospital in the premises reserved for the president.

The president seems to be working on them. When the second image is magnified, it would appear that the president is signing a blank paper.