P. T. is a tasting of a future that never was, the prelude to what would have been one of the most ambitious games of PlayStation 4.

Horror game enthusiasts know that P. T. is a playable demo of what would have been Silent Hills, the delivery that would take the saga out of limbo Silent Hill.

But the most amazing thing (or the detail that hurts the most, depending on how you look at it) is that the game would have been directed by Hideo Kojima Y Guillermo del Toro.

Unfortunately the game was canceled as a result of the divorce between Which ones and the publisher Konami (the causes are still one of the video game industry’s biggest mysteries) and the demo P. T. it was put into a period when, if it wasn’t downloaded, it could never be counted on again.

Konami delivered. After that period, P. T. It was never available again (and if someone who has it accidentally deletes it from their PlayStation 4, they will no longer be able to download it from the PlayStation Store).

Now what PlayStation 5 is on the way and its backward compatibility with almost the entire PlayStation 4 game library is confirmed, many wonder if it will be possible to play P. T. on Sony’s next-gen console.

And to end all our dreams of reviving P. T. on PlayStation 5, Konami confirmed that the demo It wont be available.

‘The content will not be available on the PS Store, so users they will not be able to download it again through the backward compatibility of PlayStation 5, was the response that the company gave to GamesRadar.

‘PT will not be backward compatible with PlayStation 5’stated the media, which leaves the PlayStation 4 as the only way to play that demo that has in turn inspired a significant number of horror games.