Superstar Gareth Bale, 31, returns to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League after a seven-year hiatus.

Spurs announces that this is a one-year loan transfer from Real Madrid.

The Welshman was sold from Tottenham to Real Madrid for just over € 94 million in 2013.

Prior to moving to Real, Bale played in Tottenham for six years. He played a total of 203 matches, scoring 56 goals and giving 58 goals.

The story continues after the immersion.

In Real’s shirt, Bale won the Champions League Four and once the La Liga championship. He formed a dreaded attacking trio Cristiano Ronaldon and Karim Benzeman with.

The last few years in the ranks of Los Blancos, however, were turbulent. French coach Zinedine Zidane publicly stated that he does not see Balelle wearing white shirts. The Madrid press relentlessly attacked Bale and questioned Bale’s work ethic on the golf course.

However, the transfer tunes fell one after another, among other things, to Bale’s massive salary. In the summer of 2019, Bale was already very close to moving to China’s lucrative Super League, according to media reports, but the move failed.

In previous years, Manchester United was also closely associated with Bale.

The Welsh return to Spurs is nostalgic. The strong, goal-hungry and fast pier remained indelibly in the hearts of Tottenham fans with their previous stint in the company. The loan transfer was undoubtedly made possible by the fact that Spurs did not have to take over the huge salary of Bale.

Despite the barking of recent years, Bale’s stats for Real’s shirt are mute. 251 goals scored 105 goals and 68 assists. The pier solved the memorable Champions League final against Liverpool with two hits in 2018.

Spurs also announced a side pack on Saturday Sergio Reguilonin acquisition from Real. The transfer of the 23-year-old promising leftist to London is permanent and the transfer fee is £ 28 million.