One of the essential games in the current esports scene is Rainbow Six Siege, title originally released in 2015 in which the key to being victorious is online tactical coordination.

Despite having debuted with weak sales, the game was the subject of updates that eventually earned it the nickname of one of the best online multiplayers on the modern market, so now the game scene is unthinkable. sports without this title of Ubisoft figuring.

And now, to make the users of Xbox know first-hand what the experience is about Rainbow Six Siege, Microsoft has announced through the official console news site that the game will be incorporated into the catalog Game Pass soon.

With a thriving and professional esports scene and a community of over 60 million registered players, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege puts the player in the middle of a hectic and ever-changing multiplayer experience, based on the selection of unique operatives’the Xbox statement read.

In Rainbow Six Siege it is essential to mix tactics and destruction (environments are destructible) and players engage in duels 5 vs 5 where the use of gadgets and tension are constant, in a proposal that has a massive online community.

Your arrival at Game Pass It is the perfect opportunity for those who still do not know what the game is about to get into it and see why, five years after it came out, it is still making noise.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege coming to Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming (xCloud) next October 22.

Game Pass is the subscription service that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of Xbox titles that are constantly renewed, just by paying a monthly fee.