Confidence in the Zidane plan

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The position of the league champion is consistent. He does not sign for the economic crisis generated by the pandemic and because if he has been the best in Spain he does not have the urgency to strengthen the team. Real Madrid think they have an important template for win back the national championship and present the reinforcement of Odegaard to give a touch of class and youth to the center of the field. The Norwegian is the relief of Modric, a change of witness that will be progressive. Lunin will be the reserve goalkeeper of Courtois. And the Corollary of everything is Zidane.

The entity is entrusted to the way of feeling the football of the French coach. With his virtues and defects, he knows how to win over the footballer who works, manages the kitchen and moves well before the press. He is the perfect coach to inject into Real Madrid, the focus of much news, an almost chronic calm.

The word that defines Real Madrid is “stability”; Zidane puts his style and footballers know very well what he wants. It is a team made

The word that defines Real Madrid’s security is “stability.” A characteristic that makes him believe in the renewal of the league title. There are reasons for that confidence in your potential. Vinicius, Rodrygo, Valverde and Militao add a year of maturity to a performance that must evolve each season. They have a lot of hope in Vinicius, who gradually establishes his “performance” to become a special footballer. Rodrygo, 19, has also taken a leap forward to be a forward who brings a different quality. And Federico Valverde has shown his worth as a midfielder and now he must assume greater prominence alongside Odegaard in the rotations of that triumvirate of consecrated midfielders formed by Kroos, Modric and Casemiro.

Real Madrid carries out the renovation of the squad without haste but without pause. His other strongholds are veterans like Ramos and Benzema, who play better in their thirties than in their twenties, supported by safe values. like Carvajal and Varane. The French Mendy He has been integrated into that group from the beginning and today he is a starter as a left back, before another established player like Marcelo, who is fighting to regain his lost position, damaged by injuries.

Courtois is life insurance in the goal. Young Lunin, the second addition, will learn a lot from his side. The best thing about all these wickers is that they know each other well and the young people have integrated into Zidane’s ideology. It is missing that Hazard can be definitively integrated. Real Madrid aspires to the title because they know what to play and how to do it.



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