Concerned! This sad subject does not let go of the dancer

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Massimo Sinató: This sad topic does not let go of the dancer +++ Verona Pooth: Franjo shot an arrow in the thigh of son Diego +++ Barbara Meier goes on a trip with baby Marie- Therese.

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the 20th of October

Massimo Sinató: This sad subject does not let go of the dancer

It’s a diagnosis that scares us all: cancer. Fear of death, fear and uncertainty about the course of therapy and disease, fear that the cancer will spread or the tumor will recur. A friend of Massimo Sinató, 39, is also familiar with the insidious disease: Stefano Ferrara is fighting cancer for the third time.

The “Let’s Dance” star draws attention to Stefano’s ailment on his Instagram account: “Stefano Ferrara is only 22 years old and unfortunately this is the third time he has cancer. He has already defeated him twice and with all of us Help he can do it again ”, can be read in the post.

In his story, the 39-year-old also asks his followers for donations to support Stefano in the fight against cancer. In his Instagram story, the professional dancer shows who has already donated for Stefano. The 22-year-old gets help from presenter Sarah Valentina Winkaus, 41, GNTM winner Jacky Wruck, 21, and friend and “Let’s Dance” colleague Isabel Edvardsson, 38, among others.

We wish Stefano Ferrara all the best in the fight against the disease.

October 19th

Verona Pooth: Franjo shot an arrow in the thigh of son Diego

Verona Pooth, 52, has been in a happy relationship with her current husband Franjo Pooth, 51, since 2000. Son San Diego, 17, was born in 2003, and eight years later baby Rocco, 8, was born. With three men in the house, it is clear that games can sometimes be a bit more turbulent. This is what the family describes in the podcast “Poothcast”, in which Verona usually speaks alone with son Diego.

The 17-year-old says that a few years ago he bought a non-certified blowpipe with long, thin arrows. “They were as thin as a needle, but definitely ten centimeters long,” said the teenager. He and Papa Franjo then blew it against a sheet of paper attached to a chair. When he wanted to collect the six arrows, he noticed that one was missing: “Then I turn around, Papa stands with the blowpipe pointing at my thigh and blows in. And suddenly, out of reflex, my leg shoots up and this one Twelve-year-old Diego has a complete arrow inside – in her thigh, “says San Diego.

While Verona didn’t find the story funny and says she cried afterwards, father and son are still amused about the gambling accident today. Franjo’s succinct answer as to why he shot the arrow in San Diego’s thigh is: “You were so stupid in front of it.” In the end, little Rocco tells how his big brother took revenge on his father: by punching him in the leg with a stun gun.

October, 16th

Barbara Meier goes to a restaurant for the first time with Marie-Therese

Since July 16, 2020, the life of Barbara Meier, 34, has revolved around her daughter Marie-Therese. The GNTM winner watches over her baby day and night. The little one is there everywhere – even when a visit to a restaurant is on the agenda for Mama Barbara.

“I’m really excited,” the model lets fans know in an Instagram story. “Today I will go to a restaurant with Marie-Therese for the first time. For the past few months I have actually always met someone at home or at our place.” For Barbara Meier, a visit to the restaurant is so exciting because she doesn’t know what Marie-Therese thinks about this excursion. “I’m very curious to see if she’s as good as she is at home.”

Marie-Therese reaches for the cheesecake

For his fans, the model has a sweet snapshot ready, on which it looks like the little mouse is reaching for the fork for the cheesecake. We suspect Marie-Therese has done well and the next visit to a restaurant with her mom will not be long in coming.

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